2010 Administrative Bulletins

The Bureau of Fire Prevention has revised its Administrative Bulletins in conjunction with the new 2010 San Francisco Fire Code, which went into effect on January 1, 2011.
All Administrative Bulletins have been approved by the Fire Commission and are effective as of January 1, 2011, unless otherwise noted.
The 2010 Administrative Bulletins have been issued to replace the 2007 Administrative Bulletins, which are no longer in effect.
When the Fire Code Official determines that it is appropriate to revise one or more Administrative Bulletin, the Fire Department will post the revised bulletin on its website for 30 days, and will provide notice of the proposed revisions to parties who have registered to receive notice on the Department's website. The posting will include instructions for providing public comment on the proposed revised bulletin, and will also provide notice of a public hearing that will be conducted by the Fire Code Official or his or her designee to hear public comment. The Fire Commission will discuss and approve any proposed revised bulletin prior to issuance and posting on the website as a new bulletin. (2007 SF Fire Code, Appendix Chapter 1, Sect. 104.1.2, Amended by Ord. No. 259-07, File No. 071257, App. 11/14/2007)
To receive notice of any future revisions to one or more Administrative Bulletins, you may register in advance by providing your name, agency/company and contact information (address and/or e-mail) to:

San Francisco Fire Department
Office of the Fire Marshal
698 Second Street, Room 109
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 558-3320



1.01  Scope


2.01  Fire Alarm Submittal
2.02  Submittal Requirements for Kitchen Hood and Duct Extinguishing Systems
2.03  Submittal Requirements for Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
2.04  Fire Sprinkler Submittal
2.05  Fire/Smoke Damper Submittal Guidelines for Tenant Improvements
2.06  Submittal Requirements for Cellular Antenna Sites
2.07  Permit Application Checklist for Diesel Generators, Diesel Fire Pumps, and Fuel Tanks Serving Generators and Fire Pumps
2.08  Retroactve Sprinkler Installation for High-Rise Buildings Submittal; Umbrella Permit
2.09  Underground Pipe Detail Plan Submittal
2.10  Checklist Approval of Locks on Elevator Lobby Doors
2.11  Submittal Guidelines for Emergency Evacuation Signs
2.12  Flame Effect Performance Application Requirements
2.13  Submittal Requirements for Temporary Tents and Membrane Structures (approved 02/09/2012)
2.14  Submittal Guidelines and Requirements for Fire Permit Applications (approved 08/11/2011)
2.16  Submittal Guidelines for Fire Department Access and Fire Flow Approval (approved 08/11/2011)


3.01  High-Rise Building Annunciation Panels
3.02  Fire Alarm Annunciation
3.03  Fire Alarm Certification
3.04  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
3.05  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
3.06  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
3.07  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)


4.03  Acceptance Testing of New High-Rise Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems
4.04  Color Coding of Existing Standpipes
4.05  Protection of Standpipe Inlets
4.06  Design Criteria for Fire Department Connections and Standpipe Outlet Valves
4.07  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
4.08  Design Criteria for Installation of Underground Piping for Fire Sprinkler Service
4.09  Removal of Class II Standpipe Hose Cabinets in Sprinkler Retrofitted Buildings
4.10  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
4.11  Sprinkler System Water Flow Alarms
4.12  Temporary Standpipes in Buildings Under Construction
4.13  Sprinkler & Standpipe Flow Rate and Required Pressures
4.15  Use of Powder Driven Studs for Hanging Sprinkler Pipe
4.16  Sprinkler Systems in Existing Live/Work Occupancies
4.17  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
4.18  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
4.19  Dry Standpipe Sizing
4.20  Design of Fire Pump Suction Piping and Fire Pump Location
4.21  Single and Double Interlock Pre-Action Systems
4.22  Design of Fire Pump Wiring Methods
4.23  Combination Fire Services
4.24  FDC Requirements for Low-Rise Buildings
4.25  Car Stacking/Lift Systems
4.26  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
4.27  Listed Flexible Sprinkler Hose Fittings
4.28  Fire Sprinkler System Coverage Requirements for Balconies and Terraces 


5.01  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
5.02  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
5.03  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
5.04  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
5.05  Signage of Buildings with Wood or Lightweight Steel Truss, or Composite Wood Joist (TJI) or Roof Construction
5.06  Requirements for SFFD Approval of Temporary Permits of Occupancy for New/Change of Use High-Rise Buildings
5.07  Air Replenishment Systems
5.08  UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)
5.09  Lockbox Program – Guideline for New Exterior and Replacement Lockboxes (revised 02/09/2012)
5.10  Safety Requirements for Regulated Activities at Outdoor Food & Street Fairs
5.12  Fire Department Apparatus Access
5.13 UNDER REVISION (04/14/2014)