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In-Service Training

The SFFD in-service training site is located on Treasure Island. The training center provides hands-on training for San Francisco Firefighters as well as firefighters and public safety personnel from jurisdictions throughout California.

Fire Suppression Training

Fire Suppression Training - Click for larger versionThe SFFD in-service training site is equipped with classrooms to provide didactic instruction, and with facilities and props to provide hands-on training and live exercises. The scenario-based exercises reenact many situations encountered by firefighters and rescue workers. The training site offers a variety of mock-up scenarios including: flat and peaked roof ventilation, numerous laddering situations, drafting ponds, a search and rescue maze, multiple forcible entry scenarios, rope and high angle rescue situations, hose leads, standpipe leads, aerial ladder operations, steel and concrete breaching, auto extrication, a 2-story single family residence interior prop, and two (2) propane-fueled live fire rooms. There are six (6) training officers assigned to fire suppression training activities. Each training officer has a minimum of 25 years of field experience in the SFFD.

Through on-going modular and specialized training, the fire suppression training officers instruct approximately 1500 firefighters and paramedics, generating 6000 training hours per month. This satisfies mandated Federal, State and County training requirements. The training staff also evaluates new equipment and tactics being employed in the fire service and assesses if they are applicable to the needs of the SFFD. 

Emergency Medical Services Training

Emergency Medical Services Training - Click for larger versionThe SFFD in-service training site is an approved State recognized Continuing Education Provider for it's over 1300 EMT's and Paramedics. To ensure quality emergency patient care for all citizens and visitors of San Francisco, all SFFD members receive continual medical refresher training and updates on new medical practices and equipment as mandated by policy and protocol of the San Francisco EMS Agency. As a Continuing Education Provider, the SFFD in-service training site upholds National and State EMS standards when conducting refresher training and skills testing. Topics such as multi-casualty incidents and weapons of mass destruction, respiratory and cardiac emergencies, traumatic and medical emergencies, and childbirth and pediatric emergencies are covered. In addition, SFFD paramedics receive specialized medical oversight from the Department's Medical Director. To maintain medical licensure for all Department members, 24 hours of Continuing Education are provided every 2 years for our EMT's, and 48 hours every 2 years for our paramedics. On a monthly basis the EMS training officers provide an average of 3600 hours of medical training to the Department's paramedics, EMTs and first responders. The SFFD in-service training site is also an approved American Heart Association Training Site which conducts required recertification courses for all SFFD members in CPR, and recertification for all paramedics in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) every 2 years. All EMS training staff members are certified CPR, ACLS and PALS Instructors. 

Rescue Systems Training

Rescue Systems Training - Click for larger versionThe San Francisco Fire Department has a State Certified Rescue Systems Facility located at our SFFD in-service training site. Many members within our Department are Certified Rescue Systems Instructors. We have been able to train over 400 members in Rescue Systems 1 and 2, Hi-Angle Rescue, Low Angle Rescue, and Confined Space Awareness. Thanks to our ability to teach our members from within our Department, we average 80 members per day working in the field with a minimum capability of Rescue Systems 1.

Rescue Systems Training - Click for larger versionThe Statewide "Golden Guardian" disaster drill was held at our Rescue Systems Facility in November 2006, utilizing the Facility's "rubble pile" which contains over 1.5 million pounds of concrete, crushed vehicles, dilapidated buildings and miscellaneous debris. The "rubble pile" is a California State Fire Marshall certified Rescue Systems I, Rescue Systems II and Confined Space Operations training site. 

Special Projects Captain

The Special Projects Captain develops, reviews and updates Training Manuals, and Training Bulletins. The Captain interacts with other Fire Agencies regarding issues related to training. The Special Projects Captain develops materials for in service training. The Captain develops the SFFD Officer Candidate Program.

New Recruit Training

Firefighter recruits attend a 16-week Academy where they learn basic firefighting skills and receive additional EMT training. In addition, new recruits receive State Firefighter I and II, Hazardous Material First Responder Operations, Rescue Systems I, and ICS 100 certification. EMT and paramedic recruits attend a shorter Academy and training focuses primarily on SF County EMS procedures and protocols, as well as area orientation and other conditions unique to San Francisco and the SFFD.

Employment Opportunities

Learn about Employment Opportunities with the San Francisco Fire Department.

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Training

The Neighborhood Emergency Response Team is a free disaster preparedness training program offered to individuals, neighborhood groups and community-based organizations in San Francisco. Through this program individuals will learn the basics of personal preparedness and prevention. The training also includes hands-on disaster skills that will help individuals respond to a personal emergency as well as act as members of a neighborhood response team in an earthquake or other disaster. The comprehensive training program consists of six (6) sessions. Delivery of these sessions is offered in a variety of scheduling options. All training instructors are professional firefighters. For more information, visit the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team website.

San Francisco Fire Department Fire Reserve

The San Francisco Fire Department Fire Reserve was established in 1941 by dedicated volunteers serving the citizens of San Francisco. This tradition continues today. All Fire Reservists are sworn in and trained in basic first responder techniques including fire suppression, search and rescue and Basic Life Support emergency medical skills. For more information, visit the SFFD Fire Reserve website at