Assistant Deputy Chief - Jeff Myers

ADC MyersAssistant Deputy Chief Jeff Myers began his Emergency Medical Services career in the mid-seventies in the United States Armed Forces as a U.S. Navy Corpsman or “Doc” serving with the United States Marine Corps.  There he served in ground infantry, reconnaissance and Marine Airwing Search and Rescue units.  His interest in EMS grew as he worked with early civilian EMS units in the State of Hawaii flying SAR missions to support them and participated in paramedic training exchange programs.  In 1981 he attended the Paramedic Education Program at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, California. 
Chief Myers worked in the private sector EMS field before coming to San Francisco in 1985.  Since then he has worked for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Paramedic Division, as a field paramedic and later in 1990 was promoted to Paramedic Captain/Clinical Specialist.  Chief Myers joined the San Francisco Fire Department in 1997, when the Fire Department absorbed EMS response and transport responsibilities from the Department of Public Health.  Chief Myers has served in multiple capacities for the Fire Department as a field operations EMS supervisor or Rescue Captain, Director of EMS Recruit Training academies and, in November of 2010, was promoted to Assistant Deputy Chief, Chief of Emergency Medical Services. 
The San Francisco Fire Department and its EMS Division is an all hazard response agency.