Assistant Deputy Chief - Ken Lombardi

ADC LombardiAssistant Deputy Chief Ken Lombardi is a native San Franciscan and a graduate of Riordan High School and the University of San Francisco.

Chief Lombardi joined the department in 1989. Working his way up the ranks Chief Lombardi achieved Meritorious Recognition for his leadership during a rescue. He is a certified Hazardous Materials Technical Specialist.

While serving as Captain of the Fire Department Support Services Division, Ken served as project manager of the Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond passed by voters in 2010. This bond is designed to retrofit and upgrade the neighborhood fire houses throughout the city along with upgrading the Auxiliary Water Supply System in San Francisco.

In his current position, ADC Lombardi is responsible for managing multiple projects ranging from maintaining and repairing the San Francisco Fire Department’s 50 properties and more than 300 pieces of apparatus to planning and designing new safety and rescue equipment, apparatuses and fire houses. He continues to strive to keep the San Francisco Fire Department on the cutting edge of innovation and technology while remaining one of the premier fire departments in the country. He currently chairs the Emergency Water and Apparatus Committees, and is on the Public Utility Commission’s technical advisory team for the AWSS.

Prior to his employment with the San Francisco Fire Department, Ken won a television Emmy award for technical excellence, while working with the local news media.

When he is off-duty, Chief Lombardi enjoys spending quality time with his family and being involved in community service. He has served as a planning commissioner for over 8 years and coached basketball and at all levels from grade school to high school varsity. He also helped create a middle school basketball program for boys and girls, that is currently in its tenth year.