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Minutes of the Fire commission

Regular Meeting — Thursday — July 13, 2000 — 6:00 p.m.

698 Second Street, Room 102

698 Second Street, Room 102 n San Francisco n California n 94107




1. ON ROLL CALL, the following were noted present:

President Hadley Roff

Vice President Stephen A. Nakajo

Commissioner Pat Norman

Commissioner Russell S. Roeca

Commissioner Ted N. Soulis

Robert L. Demmons Chief of Department

Paul J. Tabacco Deputy Chief, Operations

Joseph C. Asaro Deputy Chief, Administration

Assistant Deputy Chiefs — Staff:

Lorrie A. Kalos Management Services

Ray Balzarini Division of Airports

Joanne Hayes-White Division of Training

Daniel A. Sullivan Support Services

Gary P. Massetani Fire Prevention

Chief Officers — Staff:

Richard C. Shortall Emergency Medical Services

Chief Officers — Firefighting Services:

Bernie F. Lee Division 1

Frank T. Cardinale Division 2 (Acting)


Regular Meeting of June 22, 2000.

Commissioner Roeca moved and Commissioner Soulis seconded. There were no questions or discussion and the minutes were approved as presented.


All matters listed hereunder (Items A through F) constitute a Consent Calendar, were considered to be routine by the Fire Commission, and were acted upon by a single roll-call vote of the Commission.

A. Monthly Reports

Division of Training

Submitting monthly report from Division of Training concerning activities performed during June 2000.

Division of Fire Prevention & Investigation

Submitting monthly report from Division of Fire Prevention & Investigation concerning activities performed during May 2000.

Physician’s Report

Submitting biweekly report of Fire Department Physician concerning disability injuries,

May 27 through June 9, 2000.

B. Appointments

Reporting the following PERMANENT appointments effective JUNE 18, 2000:

H2 Firefighter

William D. Powell Tina M. McGowan

Edgar M. Covarrubias Jennifer L. Nymark

Arnold Choy Christina M. Wright

Richard Hom Brendan D. Cormack

Joe K. Lui Sherman Tillman

Jesse C. Bautista Sasha A. Grande

Leonardo B. Cavestany Michael A. Cochrane

Lawrence C. Rustia Charles F. McCoy

Edmund G. Vail Michael D. Peterson

Michael R. Gonzales Paul B. McDermott

John W. Hernandez Matthew M. Cannon

Reporting the following PROBATIONARY appointments effective JUNE 26, 2000:

1426 Senior Clerk Typist

Annie M. Nguy (vice: Eunice Booker, terminated after being reassigned to 1426 from PV 1220)

Marcie A. Chapman (vice: Eunice Booker, apptd. PV 1220)

Temporary Appointments

Reporting having made 243 temporary appointments May 27 through June 9, 2000, and

313 temporary appointments June 10 through June 23, 2000.

C. Retirements

Communications received from Retirement Board indicating the following members have retired:

Name Rank Type of Retirement Retirement Date

Corempas, Spiros D. H2 Firefighter Service Jun. 24, 2000

Sullivan, Gerald R. H2 Firefighter Service Jun. 30, 2000

Fengler, John M. H1 Fire Rescue Paramedic Ind. Dis. Feb. 15, 2000

(Retirement Certificates will be presented at Fire Commission meeting of July 27, 2000)


D. Military Leave

Submitting for approval application from one member for Military Leave of Absence with pay, in order to comply with Military Orders received from his commanding officer:

Rank Dates Days Military Organization Purpose

Pampanin, Vincent A. H2 06-24-00 2 US Army Res. Attend Active

Sgt. E-5 FF 06-25-00 Moffett Field, CA Duty Training

E. Resignation

Submitting resignation of H1 Fire Rescue Paramedic Megan Corry, effective close of business June 21, 2000. (Resigned in order to accept permanent 2533 position at DPH. Transferred from DPH 07-01-97.)

F. Accidents

Submitting reports and recommendations of the Accident Review Committee regarding the following accidents:

Accident Serial

No. Date No. Category Recommendation

Engine 28 99-0-229 05-16-00 597 A File

Off: T/Lt. Stephen Harper; Drv: FF Perry Choy

Cause: Misjudged clearance — Eng 28, while making a right turn, scraped

a post protecting the curb area

Engine 21 99-0-230 05-16-00 526 B Bill

Off: Capt. William Long; Drv: FF Jeffery Babb

Cause: Misjudged clearance — Eng 21, while stopped, was struck by a

civilian vehicle attempting to pass Eng 21

Truck 13 99-0-231 05-17-00 621 B Bill

Off: Lt. Robert Relei; Drv: FF Allen Wong; Tlr: FF Reyner Medina

Cause: Trk 13 was struck by a civilian vehicle which was attempting to

make a lane change

Engine 34 99-0-232 05-19-00 593 A File

Off: T/Lt. Frank Wong; Drv: FF Steven Miller

Cause: Backing up - Eng 34, while backing into quarters, lightly struck

corner of firehouse; spotters were posted

Medic 17 99-0-233 05-21-00 723 B Bill

Drv: FRP Michael Rambo

Cause: Medic 17, while parked, was struck by a Muni bus attempting to

go around the ambulance

Engine 43 99-0-234 05-21-00 505 B Bill

Off: Lt. Dennis Zouzounis; Drv: FF Daniel Jacobsmeyer

Cause: Eng 43, while proceeding to an incident with red lights and siren,

crossed the intersection after stopping at an arterial and was

struck by a civilian vehicle which failed to heed Eng 43’s siren

Medic 3 99-0-235 05-21-00 735 A File

Drv: FRP Andrew Baron

Cause: Backing up — While at an incident, Ambulance 85 was backing

up from a one-way street and struck Medic 3’s right side mirror;

no spotters were posted

Medic 10 99-0-236 05-21-00 718 A File

Drv: FF/PM Alan Reynaud

Cause: Misjudged clearance — Medic 10, while responding, struck the

open door of a parked civilian vehicle

Medic 12 99-0-237 05-22-00 731 B Bill

Drv: FRP James Mulholland

Cause: Failure to yield — Medic 12 was responding with red lights and

siren - traffic had stopped and pulled to the right - a van pulled

out from traffic and struck Medic 12

Medic 3 99-0-238 05-22-00 A File

Drv: FF/PM William Madsen

Cause: Misjudged clearance — Medic 3, while exiting driveway, lightly

struck the bumper of a parked vehicle

Engine 10 99-0-239 05-23-00 531 B File

Off: Capt. James Connors; Drv: FF Paul Barry

Cause: Misjudged clearance — While parked, Eng 10’s open door struck

a parked civilian vehicle

Truck 1 99-0-240 05-25-00 613 B File

Off: T/Lt. Bruce Platt; Drv: FF William Emde; Tlr: FF Michael Kirtley

Cause: Trk 1 was responding with red lights and siren and, while making

a left turn, struck a civilian vehicle which had stopped and then

moved forward

Ambulance 38 99-0-241 05-27-00 711 A File

Drv: FF Henry Choy

Cause: Backing up — Amb 38, while backing into station, struck apparatus

door; no spotters were posted

Medic 2 99-0-242 05-30-00 722 A File

Drv: FRP Martin Spalka

Cause: Misjudged clearance — Medic 2, while responding with red lights

and siren, struck the mirror of a double parked truck

Category A - An accident which has occurred because of inattention to vehicle operator’s and/or officer’s responsibilities or because of misjudgment of clearance in operating apparatus near stationary objects.

Category B - An accident in which fire department personnel exercised reasonable judgment and precautions, exhibited good apparatus operator’s and officer’s skills and observed all state, local and fire department statutes, ordinances and rules.

Category C - An accident which has occurred because of apparatus operator’s misjudgment of clearance, deficiency in defensive driving techniques, or failure to anticipate other vehicle’s movements.

Commissioner Soulis moved and Vice President Nakajo seconded. There were no questions or discussion and Items A through F on the Consent Calendar were approved or ordered filed as appropriate.



A. Letters of Commendation

Submitted 10 letters commending members of the Department for response to requests for assistance, emergencies, or training.

President Roff directed that these letters be acknowledged and incorporated in the minutes of today’s meeting.

B. Meritorious Awards

Submitted for approval recommendations of Merit Advisory Board and Chief of Department for meritorious actions performed by Officers and Members of the Department, for May 2000:

Recipient Rank/Company Date Award

Uniformed Members

Lance Martin FF Engine 26 05-06-00 Ltr. of Com.

Jeffery Smethurst SFPD Reserve Police Officer 05-06-00 Ltr. of Com.

John A. Diluzio T/Lt. Res. 1 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Felix Duag FF Res. 1 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Daniel M. O’Donnell FF Res. 1 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Frank Puccetti FF Res. 1 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Niels Tangherlini Fire Res P/M Medic 8 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Jeff N. Rusteen FF/PM Medic 8 05-11-00 Unit Citation

Gerald R. Shannon CAPT Engine 34 05-20-00 Class "C"

Petra Johnson FF Com. Ctr. 05-29-00 Class "C"

Commissioner Norman moved and Commissioner Roeca seconded.

President Roff observed that the Commission has had notice, for several meetings in a row, of recognition for outstanding service by firefighters and paramedics, and congratulated all the individuals involved.

There were no further questions or discussion and the meritorious awards were approved on recommendation of Merit Advisory Board and Chief of Department.

C. Communications Received by Commission

Six communications were received by the Commission from June 16, 2000 through July 6, 2000.

D. Public Comment

John Darmanin referred to the Advanced Life Support Engines Implementation Plan and wished to comment on Task 7, which is the deployment of newly graduated firefighters/paramedics to BLS ambulances. Mr. Darmanin was concerned that these firefighters/paramedics would not receive the traditional probationary period on Engines and Trucks, which he considers to be foundation for learning firefighting skills and gaining basic experience. Mr. Darmanin hoped that his concerns would be taken into account, since he understands that this plan is in draft format and is being circulated among the Divisions to obtain input.

Dennis Kruger, Director, San Francisco Firefighters Local 798, informed the Commission that he is waiting for permission from the Department to mount the next ten plaques (Death-in-line-of-Duty). Mr. Kruger noted that it is a slow process but plaques now have been mounted on Station 13, Station 1, Station 2, and Station 7.


There being no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.


Tania Bauer



For additional information call Tania Bauer, Commission Secretary, at 558-3451, or send an e-mail.


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