Temporary Fire Station Closure & Service Status

Under the first phase of the Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response (ESER) Bond, passed by voters in June 2010, neighborhood fire stations will receive needed seismic upgrades and other health & safety improvements.  It is critical that our first responders are housed in healthy, safe and seismically sound facilities - thus providing essential emergency response services to people who need them during times of crisis.

The Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response Bond will seismically retrofit and make other necessary health & safety improvements to ensure that they are fully functional after a major earthquake.

Selection of neighborhood fire stations and improvements were based on the following guiding principles:

  • Assure continuous fire protection coverage
  • Prioritize emergency response
  • Maximize the effectiveness of construction funds
  • Limit disruption to operations

As construction beings, the fire stations under construction will be listed below and any change in service will be noted.







Station 16 2251 Greenwich Street October 4, 2016 Engine 16
Truck 16
Engine 16 will temporarily relocate to Station 51 at 218 Lincoln Blvd, and Truck 16 will temporarily relocate to Station 10 at 655 Presidio Avenue, while renovation work is being completed at Station 16. January 2018
 Station 36 109 Oak Street October 30, 2013 Engine 36
Battalion 2
Battalion 2 and Engine 6 will temporarily relocate to Station 6 at 135 Sanchez Street while renovation work is being completed at Station 36. COMPLETED
Station reactivated November 19, 2014
 Station 44 1298 Girard Street October 29, 2013 Engine 44 Engine 44 will temporarily relocate to Station 42 at 2430 San Bruno Avenue while renovation work is being completed at Station 44. COMPLETED
Station reactivated May 22, 2014



For more information on the ESER Bond and associated projects, please visit the ESER Website: Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response Bond (http://sfearthquakesafety.org)