2011 Combined Charities Campaign

This webpage is devoted to providing both donors and campaign volunteers with information about the 2011 Combined Charities Campaign.  City workers have proven time and again to be the "Heart of the City", both on the job and in the workplace, giving thousands of charitable donations.  You can give to the charity of your choice, your church, your school, or to one of the federations or charities listed in the campaign brochure.  Workplace giving is an efficient way of contributing to charity.  Overhead costs for hundreds of charitable organizations are reduced by becoming a member of one of the six Federations representing them during this campaign.  It costs less than bulk mail solicitations or even sending renewal letters to regular contributors.  We promote informed giving.  This site has links to many charitable organization websites.  You may like to research an organization prior to donating.  The California Attorney General website has financial records as does Guide Star and Charity Navigator.  The American Institute of Philanthropy - Charity Watch grades charities and has articles about the charitable giving, as does Charity Navigator.

If you have any questions - please contact your Department Coordinator.


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Local Independent Charities

Bay Area Black United Fund

Community Health Charities of California

EarthShare California

Global Impact

United Way of the Bay Area 

2011 Combined Charities Campaign Logo with Slogan


Combined Charities Campaign Manual

Submittal Sheet (pdf)

Submittal Sheet (xls)

Speaker Request Form

Ticket Waiver Form

Additional Supplies Request Form

Donor Resource Guide



"Please Donate" Sign (8.5x11) (doc)

"I Gave" Labels (Avery 5163) (doc)



List of City Department Coordinators (pdf)



List of Prizes Donated for Drawings
(as of 10/26/11)

Rules for Prize Drawings

WINNERS - Early Bird Drawing (10/21/11)

WINNERS - Coffee Card Drawing (10/21/11)




"Building Community Through Giving"

From Chief Joanne Hayes-White and Mayor Ed Lee

Chief Hayes-White & Mayor Lee

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Campaign Kick-off and Training
North Light Court, City Hall 

Wed., September 21st 

9:30 AM –

Coffee Card Drawing 

Fri., October 7th


Early Bird Drawing

Fri., October 21st


Deadline for submission of Pledge Forms to be included in Final Drawing

Fri., November 18

10 AM

Final Drawing 

Fri., November 18


Cut-off for Counting Donations in Department Totals 

Fri., November 18

10 AM

Last Date to get Pledge forms to Payroll to ensure deductions begin with 1st paycheck in January 2012 

Thurs., December 22

End of Day





Goal Thermometer - 19.2% 


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Results for WEEK 2

Results for WEEK 3

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Results for WEEK 5

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What is a "Federation"?  Federations screen charities for the highest public accountability and standards.  They provide important services to their non-profit member organizations.  By combining under a federation umbrella, charities consolidate their marketing, fundraising and processing expenses, reducing their costs individually.  Federations provide member charities to garner workplace giving donation opportunities through campaigns such as Combined Charities that they would not otherwise have.  Federations are non-profit organizations as well.
Local Independent Charities of America (LIC): Local Independent Charities represents local charities finding solutions to our community's problems and answering the needs of our diversified area. LIC charities do it all; protect children and strengthen families; feed the hungry; enable the poor, homeless and disabled gain independence and security; find relief for the elderly and the sick;  and protect and defend animals. LIC member organizations service, educate, and empower citizens in need within the local community - your neighbors.  http://www.lic.org/
Bay Area Black United Fund (BABUF):  The mission of the Bay Area Black United Fund is to "engage the African American community to improve its wellness through philanthropy and the promotion of healthy lifestyles." Its efforts motivate people to live healthier lives and be inspirations to those around them. BABUF puts needed resources into other Bay Area non-profits so they can extend the BABUF mission.  http://www.babuf.org/
Community Health Charities of California (CHCC):  Community Health Charities of California is the largest organization in the country raising money to specifically fund health charities. CHCC supports 45 non-profit health charities fighting life-threatening illness and disease while improving the quality of life for patients and their families. These charities provide patient services, education and research. 125 million Americans face life-threatening health conditions, disability or chronic disease.  http://www.california.healthcharities.org/
EarthShare California:  EarthShare California's mission is to protect, support and improve California's natural heritage of clean air, safe water, diverse wildlife, and healthy communities and families by raising funds for leading environmental organizations. Member organizations of EarthShare California work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. They educate us and our lawmakers. They buy land to protect open space. They restore and protect habitat of vulnerable plant and animal species. They protect air and coastal and inland water.  http://www.earthshareca.org/
Global Impact:  Global Impact focuses on making a tangible difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable citizens. 50 of the most respected U.S. based International development and relief charities are represented by Global Impact. Over 400 million lives in virtually every developing country are touched each year by Global Impact charities through disaster relief, education, health training and economic programs that promote self-proficiency. http://www.charity.org/
United Way of the Bay Area (UWBA):  United Way of the Bay Area works to attack poverty at the roots, which affects more than i in 5 families in the Bay Area. Focusing on the following areas, Survival, Stability and Success, UWBA is bringing together people from all walks of life and from different professions to help make the Bay Area a better place for everyone.  http://www.uwba.org/