5.01 Street Widths for Emergency Access

5.01 Street Widths for Emergency Access (PDF)

Reference: 2010 S.F.F.C. Sections 503 and Appendix D, Section D105
The Division of Planning and Research of the San Francisco Fire Department has established requirements for minimum street widths to facilitate emergency equipment access. These requirements are specified as follows:
Minimum Street Widths and Access Roads

1.  The San Francisco Fire Code (503.2.1) requires a minimum of 20 feet of unobstructed roadway and a vertical clearance of not less than 13' 6' for existing roadways.  While a 20 foot wide roadway is permissible, past practice has shown that making ninety degree turns are not possible without the trucks moving into oncoming traffic. The vehicles can make the turn only on one way streets.

2. The San Francisco Fire Code (503.2.5) requires a turnaround for all dead-end fire access roads in excess of 150’. The San Francisco Fire Department has determined an 80 foot turnaround and a 40' radius to be sufficient.

3. The San Francisco Fire Code requires a minimum 26’ wide street for new developments where the new buildings are greater than 30’ in height from the lowest level of fire department vehicle access and are unsprinklered.  These streets shall be located a minimum of 15’ and a maximum of 30’ from the buildings and shall be parallel to one entire side of the buildings.


Outside tire extremity 8 ft. 2 in. 8 ft. 3 in.
Vehicle width (with mirrors) 10 ft. 4 in. 10 ft 1 in.
Truck width with one jack extended n/a 12 ft. 9 in.
Truck width with two jacks extended n/a 17 ft. 9 in.
Vehicle height 11 ft. 12 ft.
Length of vehicle 30 ft. 57 ft.
Gross vehicle weight 40,400 lbs. 70,000 lbs.
Street grades maximum 26% maximum 26% maximum
Approach and departure 15% maximum 15% maximum
Truck aerial operations n/a 14% maximum

The Fire Department will determine, on a case-by-case review, where the truck aerial operations may not be required.