H-3 Level I: Emergency Medical Technician

To receive notification and details of next H-3 Level I - EMT selection process, you must submit an interest card by doing the following:

  • Log into www.jobaps.com/sf 
  • Select “Job Seekers”
  • Select “Employment Opportunities”
  • Select "Notify me of new jobs"
  • Select the letter "E", then select "H003 EMT/ Paramedic/Firefighter" job classification
  • On the top of the page select "email me when the job opens....", it will only ask you for an email address; click “Next” 

All interest card submissions are received by the City and County of San Francisco's Department of Human Resources (DHR); they do not go to the San Francisco Fire Department. The job notification database with the Department of Human Resources only keeps records for one year. If you do not receive notification from DHR after one year, you will need to resubmit another interest card. You will also need to resubmit another interest card if you change your email address.

The minimum requirements from the previous H-3 Level I - EMT selection process are described below.  For the next selection process, these requirements may change:

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, a valid California EMT 1 certificate, ability to accredit with the local EMS Authority, verifiable work experience on an ambulance or first responder vehicle, a valid Class A, B or C California Driver License and a California Ambulance Driver Certificate.  Applicants who pass the exam process are placed on an eligible list. This is the list the SFFD will use to hire new EMTs.  Applicants selected to attend the SFFD EMS Academy must successfully complete the background and medical exam process.