Homeless Outreach & Medical Emergency (HOME) Team

San Francisco's homeless population has not always been able to receive the proper care they require. Many individuals need assistance from several social and health care agencies, and have relied on the City's FIRE based EMS system as their primary care. The Homeless Outreach & Medical Emergency (HOME) Team was developed to connect these individuals with a system of care that better serves their needs and to break the unproductive cycle of ambulance transports and hospital stays.

The Homeless Outreach & Medical Emergency Team is a collaborative effort between the San Francisco Fire Department, the SF Department of Public Health, and the SF Human Services Agency. The HOME Team's goal is to deliver comprehensive social services and medical treatment to frequent users of the 911 system. The population that the HOME Team serves includes the poor, homeless, mentally ill, elderly, disabled, and victims of substance abuse. The HOME Team's efforts are aimed at improving the services provided to these high-risk populations, addressing associated public health concerns, and increasing the availability of Fire Department units to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Homeless Outreach & Medical Emergency Team can e-mail: hometeam.dph@sfdph.org.

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