New Year's Eve Safety - December 27, 2006

New Year's Eve Safety - December 27, 2006

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Keep Yourself Safe this New Year's Eve
Important Information from the San Francisco Fire Department

As 2006 draws to a close and 2007 quickly approaches, the San Francisco Fire Department has some important information that you should know and some advice on situations you should look out for.

San Francisco Fire Marshal, Barbara Schultheis warns, "The SFFD will be out on New Years Eve, checking clubs for overcrowding and clear exits, but people need to look out for their own interests".

Some good advice that may prove invaluable includes avoiding overcrowded situations. If anything goes wrong, panic can be deadly. Be aware of the locations of ALL exits. Human nature is to go out the way you came in but that exit will be the most crowded and, often, another exit may be the best way out. Scope out alternative exits ahead of time and make sure they are not locked.

Another word of caution from the Fire Marshal is, "Beware of fireworks or flame acts indoors. The Fire Department is not issuing permits for these on New Years Eve and if they are out there, they are illegal".

The bottom line is that celebrations don't have to be unsafe. Be aware of your surroundings and, if something doesn't seem right, don't stay.

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