Photo Gallery - General Pics - Page 3

Equipment - Portable Hydrant   Fire at 1133 Mission Street on 12/18/07
  Charged Portable Hydrant:
  Part of the AWSS (Auxiliary Water Supply System)
  Fire at 1133 Mission Street (December 18, 2007)
Event - Stair Climb Participants   Rescue - Tony the Siberian Tiger at SF Zoo on 3/29/10
  Stair Climb Participants:
  Raising money for the Ailia Rusche Burn Center

  Rescue at the San Francisco Zoo (March 29, 2010):
  Tony the Siberian Tiger removed from exhibit moat

Rescue - 7/13/10 - Worker in Collapsed Trench    

  Rescue Incident (July 13, 2010)
  Shoring up sides before removing worker trapped in collaped trench