Resolution 2002-02

Resolution 2002-02


City and County of San Francisco

Stephen Nakajo, President
Russell Roeca, Vice President
Pat Norman, Commissioner
Carlota del Portillo, Commissioner

Paul Conroy, Commissioner

SF City Seal

698 Second Street
San Francisco CA 94107
Telephone 415.558.3451
Fax 415.558.3413

Tania Bauer, Secretary



WHEREAS, the tasks required of San Francisco firefighters and firefighter/paramedics ("firefighter") involve strenuous physical activity requiring an appropriate level of physical ability to safely and effectively perform those tasks; and

WHEREAS, an individual firefighter who does not have the required physical ability has a greater risk of not being able to effectively carry out his or her duties, and poses a greater risk of injury or death to himself/herself and to fellow firefighters; and

WHEREAS, medical studies document cardiac arrest as the leading cause of fireground-related death among firefighters and demonstrate the importance of firefighter physical fitness; and

WHEREAS, in 1999 a Candidate Physical Ability Test ("CPAT") was developed jointly by the International Association of Firefighters, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, ten major city fire departments, and with assistance from the United States Department of Justice, Employment Litigation Section, Civil Rights Division; and

WHEREAS, the CPAT appears to more accurately measure whether the candidate has the physical abilities required of a San Francisco firefighter; and

WHEREAS, adopting the CPAT will better advance the goals of the San Francisco Fire Department as set forth in its Mission Statement; and

WHEREAS, the CPAT can serve as an effective tool for the department to develop and implement a mandatory fitness program for its incumbent members; and

WHEREAS, a critical component to assure the success of candidates to pass CPAT is to have an extensive mentoring and pre-training program; and

WHEREAS, the following employee associations and labor organization: the Asian Firefighters Association, the San Francisco Black Firefighters Association, Los Bomberos de San Francisco, the United Fire Service Women and the San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 support the adoption and implementation of the CPAT for the San Francisco Fire Department; be it therefore,

RESOLVED, the Fire Commission accepts the Chief of Department's recommendation and authorizes him to immediately take the steps necessary to implement the CPAT, with all of its components, as the physical ability test to be administered to candidates for admission to the Department; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, the Fire Commission authorizes the Chief of Department to create, develop and implement an extensive mentoring and pre-training program as part of the adoption of the CPAT; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, the Fire Commission further authorizes the Chief of Department, in conjunction with the implementation of the CPAT, to develop and implement a mandatory wellness/fitness program within the Department.

Adopted at the Regular Meeting of the San Francisco Fire Commission on May 9, 2002

Ayes: Nakajo, Roeca, Norman, del Portillo, Conroy

Tania Bauer, Commission Secretary