San Francisco Fire Department Advises Residents to Be on Alert; Supervisor Wiener Reaches Out

Public Alert: Announcement Regarding Castro Neighborhood Fires on 2/3/11 (PDF)

Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White would like San Francisco residents, particularly those living in the Castro District, to know that Arson Investigators are working diligently to prove that a recent string of fires that have occurred in the early morning hours have been intentionally set and that they, along with the San Francisco Police Department, are doing everything in their power to find the person responsible for setting them.
"Our sympathy goes out to those affected and displaced by these fires," said Mayor Edwin M. Lee. "The City family is doing everything possible to assist those impacted and to aggressively investigate these incidents."
“The most important message that we want everyone to hear is that it is generally the eyewitness reports that we receive that ultimately lead us to the responsible party,” said the Chief. “We’re concerned for the public’s safety and we’re asking that everyone be on “heightened alert” status. Report anything or anyone that triggers that innate sense of suspicion. Trust your instincts.”
While the Arson Task Force investigates what appears to be a developing pattern of intentionally set fires, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and District 8 residents to be displaced, Supervisor Scott Wiener is reaching out to his constituents being assisted by the Red Cross. “Members of our community are suffering from these despicable acts,” said Supervisor Wiener. “I am working hard to assist the people affected by these fires, including helping them find temporary housing. If they need assistance or advocacy, they should contact my office. We will assist them. We will advocate for them.”
To date, thirteen people are being assisted with housing and other needs through the Red Cross. Property damages have exceeded $1 million and residents are feeling the strain of wondering if and when another fire may break out.
To report information related to the recent fires in the Castro that may be of interest to Arson Investigators, call (415)920-2944.
To report an immediate occurrence or suspicious activity, call 911.