Your Safety

Educating yourself and others about fire safety, injury & illness prevention, and disaster preparedness helps to keep everyone safe. The San Francisco Fire Department is committed to working with the community to provide a variety of prevention & preparedness trainings and resources.

We encourage you to learn more about your safety and to get involved!


Fire and Medical Emergencies

Reporting a Concern

  When to Call 911 (SFDEM)
  What to do in an Emergency (PDF)
  Medical Emergencies (What to do before the ambulance arrives)
  911 Tips for Limited-English Speaking Callers (PDF)

  Report a Fire Hazard or Safety Concern
  Arson Task Force Anonymous Tip Hotline
  Report a Leaking Hydrant



General Fire Safety Information

Seasonal/Holiday Safety

  Home Fire Facts
  Home Fire Safety Checklist
  How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms for the Home & Rental Units
  CA State Fire Marshal/CAL FIRE - Information Bulletins

NFPA Safety Tip Sheets
(Materials courtesy of NFPA; not produced by SFFD)

  Electrical Safety [English] (PDF)  -  Electrical Safety [Spanish] (PDF)
  Heating Safety [English] (PDF)  -  Heating Safety [Spanish] (PDF)
  Smoke Alarms [English] (PDF)  -  Smoke Alarms [Spanish] (PDF)
  NFPA Safety Tip Sheets (link to
  NFPA Safety Tip Sheets in Other Languages (link to

  Summer Safety Tips 

 Coastal Safety Tips from National Park Service 

  Coastal Safety Tips 
  Surf Warnings and Beach Safety Tips (PDF)
  SFFD "4th of July" Fireworks Safety Information [English] (PDF)
     - [Spanish] - [Chinese] - [Filipino] - [Russian] - [Vietnamese] -
  Fireworks Safety 
  Thanksgiving - Peak Day for Cooking Fires 
  Winter/Holiday Fire Safety Tips
  Christmas Fire Safety [English] (PDF) 
     - [Spanish] - [Chinese] -
  Christmas Tree Fire Safety Regulations in Public Occupancies
  Focus on Safety All Year Long (link to National Safety Council)

Safety Information for Kids

Fire Safety Programs

  Fire Tips for Kids 
  Fire Safety Tips For Kids & Adults (PDF)
  Fire Tips for Adults

  Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention 
  SF Firefighters in Safety Education 
  Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Hotel Fire Safety
  Arson Awareness (



Health and Life Safety Information

Training Opportunities

  Child Safety Seat Inspection
  Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Safety Information 
  Prevent Utility Line Disruption: Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig 
  Safely Get Rid of Unwanted Medicine 
  Safe Disposal of Hazardous Products

  CPR and First Aid 
  Learn Easy CPR in 2 Steps (



Earthquake & Other Disaster Emergencies

Training Opportunities

   What to do if there is an Earthquake (
   Preparing for a Disaster (
   Communicable Disease Health Alerts (

   Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)
   Community Preparedness Programs (

 The Red Guide to Recovery

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