Ambulance Billing

Fees for Emergency Medical Services:

The City and County of San Francisco assesses fees for the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical care, in accordance with the current San Francisco Ordinance posted below.  Although emergency services are performed by the San Francisco Fire Department, billing operations and the collection of fees are performed by a private billing company.

If you receive an Ambulance Billing notice from the San Francisco Fire Department, please complete the insurance and payment information, and return using the envelope provided.  You may also include a copy of your insurance card information.  If you have not received a bill and would like to provide insurance and payment information, please call the Billing Department Customer Service Line.

If you are providing your co-pay or paying for services yourself, please provide a personal check, cashier's check, or money order, and include the account number on the check.  Make check payable to: "San Francisco Fire Department".  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.  Please send payment to the following address:

San Francisco Fire Department
Ambulance Billing
P.O. Box 7120
San Francisco, CA 94120-7120

If you have questions regarding your bill, please call the Billing Department Customer Service Line.  If you feel you received a bill in error, you may submit a protest letter for review.  Protests must be submitted in writing and must be delivered via U.S. Mail (phone, fax or e-mail protests will not be accepted).  Protest letters must be sent to the Customer Service address listed below.  Reviews may take up to 30 days.  Once a determination is made, the decision will be final and shall not be subject to further protest.

Customer Service
7750 Pardee Lane, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94621

If you are not covered by insurance, cannot obtain Medi-Cal or Medicare coverage, and you do not have sufficient funds to pay the invoice, you may apply for the Fire Department's Financial Hardship Program.  This program covers emergency medical services provided by the San Francisco Fire Department only and has no bearing on any other City services that may have been provided.  Applicants must provide a letter explaining your financial situation and include a copy of the prior year's tax return.  If you did not file a tax return, you can provide the previous 12 consecutive months' of banking statements from the date the emergency care was provided.  Send all documents via U.S. Mail to the SFFD Finance Division address listed below:

San Francisco Fire Department
Finance Division, Financial Hardship Program
698-2nd Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

If you wish to obtain a copy of your medical record or billing record, please follow the instructions concerning Medical & Billing Records.  Please note that only the patient or other authorized person may obtain a copy of these records.  For any questions, contact the Custodian of Medical Records

Notice of Privacy Practices

Fees for Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (Effective 8/1/10)
San Francisco Ordinance 0174-10 (PDF)