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Neighborhood Coordinator Volunteers by Neighborhood:

Reminder: This directory is for the private use of NERT members only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Alamo Square (map pdf)
Carolyn Hanrahan

Anza Vista
see North of Panhandle

Ashbury/Parnassus Heights
call to volunteer

Balboa Terr./Mt. Davidson Manor (map pdf)
Susan Yip

Bayview_Bayview Heights (Map pdf)/Hunter's Point (Map pdf)
Anietie Ekanem

Bernal Heights North/South (map pdf)
John Monson and Dave Klaus

Edward Whitmore

Bernal Heights NERT Yahoo! Group

Castro/Corona Heights
See Eureka Valley

Central Richmond
See Outer Richmond

Isaac Bitao Chen

Civic Center (Map pdf)
call to volunteer

Clarendon Heights
See Midtown Terrace

Cole Valley
See Ashbury/Parnassus Heights

Cow Hollow
See Marina

Crocker Amazon
See Excelsior

Diamond Heights (Map pdf)
Gregory Carey

Duboce Triangle (Map pdf)

Eureka Valley/Castro  (Map pdf)/ Corona Heights (Map pdf)
Sean Gallavan

Excelsior (Map pdf)/Crocker Amazon (Map pdf)

Financial District North (Map pdf)

Financial District South (Map pdf)
Residential NERT members see South Beach

Fisherman's Wharf/N. Waterfront (Map pdf)

Forest Hill (Map  pdf)/Forest Hills Extension (Map pdf)
Andrea Jorgensen

Forest Knolls
See Midtown Terrace

Glen Park (Map pdf)
Susanna Russo

Golden Gate Heights
See Inner Sunset

Haight Ashbury (Map pdf)
call to volunteer

Hayes Valley (Map pdf)
Molly Hayden

Ingleside (Map pdf)
Grace Chidmat and Susan Lai
Ingleside NERT Yahoo! Group

Ingleside Heights (Map pdf)
See Oceanview

Ingleside Terraces (Map pdf)

Inner Parkside
see West Portal

Inner Richmond (Map pdf)
Kate Shimshock and Reuben Hechanova
Inner Richmond NERT Yahoo! Group

Inner Sunset (Map pdf)/Golden Gate Heights (Map pdf)

Lakeshore/Lakeside/Stonestown (Park Merced) (Map pdf)/(Map pdf)/(Map pdf)
Kilian Koepsel

Laguna Honda
See Forest Hills Extension

Laurel Heights/Jordan Park (Map pdf)
contact Lower Pacific Heights

Lower Pacific Heights (Map pdf)

Lone Mountain (Map pdf)
Contact North of Panhandle

Marina (Map pdf)/Cow Hollow (Map pdf
Barry Williams

Midtown Terrace (Map pdf)/Clarendon Heights (Map pdf)/Forest Knolls (Map pdf)
Maryam Murphy

Miraloma Park (Map pdf)
Joan Van Rijn and Darlene Ramlose

Mission (Map pdf)
Kevin Ward and L Stiger

Mission Bay
see South Beach

Mission Dolores (Map pdf)
see Mission

Mission Terrace (Map pdf)
Martha Arnaud

Nob Hill (Map pdf)

Noe Valley (Map pdf)
Maxine Fasulis
Carole Roberts

Noe Valley NERT Yahoo! Group

North Beach (Map pdf)
Nathan Karkoski

North of Panhandle (Map pdf)

Oceanview (Map pdf)

Outer Mission (Map pdf)
See Mission Terrace

Outer Richmond (Map pdf)/Central Richmond (Map pdf)
Shekufeh Samii

Pacific Heights (Map pdf)
Jon Kruse

Park Merced
See Lakeshore

Portola (Map pdf)

Potrero Hill (Map pdf)
Briony Doyle

Presidio (Map pdf)
Scott Perkins
Presidio NERT Google Group

Presidio Heights (Map pdf)
Traci Teraoka

Rincon Hill
See South Beach

Russian Hill (Map pdf)

Silver Terrace (Map pdf)
See Bayview

South of Market/SOMA (Map pdf)
Lisa Dunmeyer

South Beach (Map pdf)/Mission Bay (Map pdf)/Rincon Hill
Gary Pegueros
South Beach NERT Yahoo! Group

St. Francis Wood (Map pdf)
call to volunteer

See Lakeshore

Sunnyside (Map pdf)
Joe Metzler

Central Sunset (Map pdf)/Outer Sunset (Map pdf)/Parkside (Map pdf)/Outer Parkside (Map pdf)

Donna Robblee, Melanie Barnes and Lulu Liebersbach

Tenderloin/Downtown (Map pdf)
Downtown/Tenderloin NERT Yahoo! Group

Telegraph Hill (Map pdf)
Roger Weinman

Treasure Island
Emily Rappaport

Twin Peaks (Map pdf)
Contact Midtown Terrace

University Partners:

San Francisco State University (SFSU)

University of San Francisco (USF) DERTS 
John Troccoe

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
(Campuses: Parnassus, Laurel Heights, Mission Campus, Mission Bay)

Visitacion Valley (Map pdf)
Maryanne Razzo
Lorrie Gallagher

West Portal (Map pdf)/Inner Parkside (Map pdf)

Western Addition (Map pdf)
Eugene Ciurana

Westwood Park (Map pdf)

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