2013 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Class D Certificate of Commendation

A Class D Certificate of Commendation is awarded to an individual for performing beyond normal expectations in an emergency situation.


Captain - Raymond A. Guzman  Off-Duty

On June 4, 2010, while off-duty, Capt. Raymond Guzman heard what sounded like a vehicle collision a distance from his home. Capt. Guzman immediately got in his car and headed in the direction of the event. Arriving first on the scene, Capt. Guzman observed a Sport Utility Vehicle that had T-boned a tree on the side of a 2-lane, undivided road. With the vehicle in a precarious manner and still in gear, Capt. Guzman gained entry through the passenger side and discovered an unconscious female. Upon checking her vital signs, Capt. Guzman ascertained that the woman was not breathing. Repositioning her head, the woman gasped and began to breathe on her own. Capt. Guzman held c-spine and assisted Windsor Fire Department with extrication of the patient. The quick response and actions taken by Captain Guzman resulted in saving the woman’s life.


T/Incident Support Specialist - Jesse C. Bautista   Battalion 2

On December 1, 2011, units responded to a 3-Alarm fire at 3360 24th Street. As crews arrived they observed heavy, black smoke and a woman hanging from a third story window. The crew of Truck 7, despite encountering an iron gate and a tree obstructing their ladder placement, was able to successfully get a ladder to the woman. Simultaneously, T/Lt. Robert Coleman and a partner from Rescue Squad 2 entered the building, without the protection of a hose line and advanced to the third floor. Upon entering a smoke-filled room with no visibility, T/Lt. Coleman heard a male voice utter, “I’m here”. T/Lt. Coleman swept the room until he found the man, retrieved him and transferred him to his partner to remove from the building. T/Lt. Coleman then found the female clinging to the window from the exterior of the building with her feet. T/Lt. Coleman secured the woman and removed his facemask, placing it on her face, enabling her to breathe, while T7 was placing their ladder to the window for her rescue. During this time, T/Lt. Coleman had no choice but to inhale a large volume of hot smoke. T/ISS Jesse Bautista ascended T7’s ladder and successfully extricated the woman who had suffered severe smoke inhalation. The crew of Engine 29, while advancing the first hose line, encountered a critically injured male, removed him from the building and continued to strategically place their hose line in an area that would provide protection for trapped civilians and their rescuers. If not for the skillful execution of the crews involved none of the occupants would have survived.


Firefighter/Paramedic - Johnathan T. Baxter   Engine 1
Firefighter - Raymond Schnelker  Truck 1
Paramedic - Timothy H. Finch  Medic 68

On September 9, 2012, in the early morning hours, Engine 1, Truck 1, RC01, B01 and M68 responded to a shooting at 24 Ellis St. The crew of E01, first on scene, immediately began providing medical treatment to a man down with two gunshot wounds, one to the neck and one to the chest and presenting with agonal breathing. As additional crews arrived and controlled the scene, FF Raymond Schnelker, FF/PM Jonathan Baxter and PM Timothy Finch performed a medical intervention rarely seen in the field, two life-saving chest decompressions, releasing the building pressure in the patient’s chest and preventing him from going into cardiac arrest. The swift and professional actions of these three members saved the young man’s life.