Safety Resources and Information

Safety while you’re at home

Residents should acquire knowledge of basic fire dynamics, prevention techniques, specific aspects of the life safety system present in their home, and the proper response before, during and after a fire. Maximizing awareness of what must be done to prevent and, if necessary, survive a major fire are critical.

The San Francisco Fire Department is conducting Community Safety Fairs throughout the year in each of our 10 Battalions.  This is an effort to engage the communities we serve with their local Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics, to allow local communities to meet the members of their nearby Fire Stations, and to provide them with an overview of what we do. Click here to view our calendar.

Safety while you’re outside

The San Francisco Fire Department would like for you to experience outdoor activities safely, whether at work or play. Outdoor activities such as summertime barbeques, sports, camping, yardwork and many others requires paying attention to the special safety concerns in order to increase your safety.


Whether in your car or at a hotel - whenever you are on the go keep fire safety tips in mind. Check out recommendations for car seat safety and carbon monoxide safety tips as well.