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San Francisco Fire Department

Department Headquarters

698 - 2nd Street

San Francisco, CA  94107


Business Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Fire Department Main Line: 
 (415) 558-3200
Bureau of Fire Prevention Main Line:

 (415) 558-3300


Division of Fire Prevention & Investigation / Fire Marshal

Permits / Fire Hazards / Fire Code Inquiries / Record Requests

Contact:   Phone:   Fax:  E-Mail / WebLink: 

Bureau of Fire Prevention     
698 - 2nd Street, Room 109
San Francisco, CA  94107

 (415) 558-3300

 (415) 558-3323

Link: Division of Fire Prevention & Investigation

District Fire Inspectors

 (415) 554-8927


Link: Inspector Phone List & District Map (PDF)

Operational Permit Section 


New Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

New Office Location/Address: 49 South Van Ness, Suite 560
San Francisco, CA  94103

Permit application packets accepted only until 4:00 p.m.

(628) 652-3260

 (628) 652-3475

Link: Operational Permits

Report a Fire Safety Concern 

 (415) 558-3303


Link: Fire Safety Concern Reporting Form
Link: Report a Fire or Safety Concern

Report a Leaking Hydrant


Link: Leaking Fire Hydrant -Form (311)

Safe Disposal of Fire Extinguishers

(415) 330-1405
(Recology SF)

Link: Household Hazardous Safe Disposal (SF Environment)

Property Inspection Records, Violation & Permit History



Link: Fire Permits Data Map (links to external independent website)
Link: Property Inspection Records, Violation & Permit History

SRO Hotel Fire Safety Education Program

 (415) 558-3365



Lockbox Program
  (Information for TRACcess System)


Link: SFFD Lockbox Program


Fire Department Plan Check 


New Office Location/Address: 49 South Van Ness, Suite 560
San Francisco, CA  94103

 (628) 652-3472

(628) 652-3476


SF Department of Building Inspection (DBI)   


Link: Department of Building Inspection


Bureau of Fire Investigation 
1275 - 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA  94158
  (for non-medical subpoena duces tecum)

 (415) 920-2933

 (415) 695-6638

Link: Fire Reports
Link: Subpoena Services

Arson Task Force 

 (415) 920-2933


Link: Report a Hazard or Concern

Youth Firesetter Prevention & Intervention Program 

 (415) 920-2933


Link: Youth Firesetter Prevention & Intervention Program

SFPD Anonymous Tip Hotline 
  (to report arson or suspicious activities anonymously)

 (415) 575-4444



Fire Reports   
  (for fire incident reports and fire investigation reports)

 (415) 920-2933
 (415) 558-3299
(voicemail msg only)

 (415) 695-6638
(please cite type of fire report requested on cover sheet)

Link: Fire Reports
Link: Fire Report Request Form (PDF)



Office of the Chief of Department

Official Fire Department Business

Contact: Phone:  Fax: E-Mail / WebLink:

Administrative Officer 

(415) 558-3403

(415) 558-3407


Public Information Officer 

(415) 558-3404



Recruitment Officer
  (Employment Opportunities / Hiring Inquiries)

(415) 970-2047
(415) 385-9866


Link: Employment Opportunities

Public Records Officer, Fire Prevention

(for records related to property, permits, inspections, code enforcement, and the like)


Public Records Officer, Non-Fire Prevention Requests

(for records related to non-protected personnel, payroll, finance, and other administrative matters)

(415) 558-3384

(415) 558-3407

Link: Public Records Requests- Fire Prevention


Link: Public Records Requests-Non-Fire Prevention

Support the SFFD (Donations) 415-558-3553
415-734-2102-Please include cover page with:
Attn: Donor Disclosure

Thank the Fire Department


Link: Thank the Fire Department - Form

File a Complaint


Link: File a Complaint - Form

Verification of Employment




Chief of Department:
  Jeanine Nicholson

(415) 558-3401

(415) 558-3407

Link: Chief of Department


Deputy Chief of Operations:
  Victor Wyrsch

(415) 558-3402

(415) 558-3407

Link: Deputy Chief of Operations

Deputy Chief of Administration:
  Jose Velo

(415) 558-3258

(415) 558-3254

Link: Deputy Chief of Administration



Division of Emergency Medical Services

Medical & Billing Records / Ambulance Bills / Lost & Found / HIPAA Compliance

Contact:  Phone:  Fax: E-Mail / WebLink:

SFFD Medical Director  
  Dr. Clement Yeh

 (415) 558-3645


Link: Division of EMS 

Custodian of Medical Records 
  (for requesting medical & billing records, and for subpoena ad testificandum)

 (415) 920-2956

 (415) 920-2962

Link: Medical & Billing Records|
Link: Subpoena Services

Ambulance Billing Customer Service Line 
  (for ambulance bill inquiries)

 (888) 980-9218


Link: Ambulance Billing

Lost & Found - Patient Belongings   
  (for items lost during ambulance transport)

 (415) 471-6965


Link: Lost & Found

HIPAA Compliance / Privacy Officer

 (415) 558-3384

 (415) 558-3407

Link: Notice of Privacy Practices



Community Programs

Emergency Preparedness / Training / Education / Support

Contact:   Phone:  Fax: E-Mail / WebLink: 

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)

 (415) 970-2022


Link: NERT Home Page

NERT Class Sign-Up Hotline

 (415) 970-2024


Link: NERT Training Schedule & Registration

SFFD Fire Reserves

 (415) 558-3660


Link: SFFD Fire Reserves

Fire Department Visits


Link: Fire Department Visits

Firefighters in Safety Education Program


Link: SF Firefighters in Safety Education

SF Firefighters Toy Program

 (415) 777-0440


Link: SF Firefighters Toy Program

FLAME Youth Athletic Program 

 (415) 999-6458


Link: FLAME Youth Athletic Program

FLAME Youth Fishing Program 

 (415) 999-6458


Link: FLAME Youth Fishing Program



Airport Division

San Francisco International Airport 

Contact:  Phone:  Fax: E-Mail / WebLink:

Airport Fire Division - Main Office
Building #12, South Area Drive
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, CA  94128

 (650) 821-4600

 (650) 821-4607

Link: Airport Division


Airport Fire Marshal's Office
648 West Field Road, 2nd Floor
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco, CA 94128
Hours: Mon - Fri, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(650) 821-7868

 (650) 821-7871


Airport Fire Marshal

Captain  Lourdes Russell

 (650) 821-5351


Airport Battalion Chief





Airport Fire Inspectors:

Amy Eng

Terry Gee

Ed Londono    


(650) 821-7869

(650) 821-7873

(650) 821-7830


Fire Safety Information

 (650) 821-7868


To File a Complaint

 (650) 821-7868




 If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Administrative Officer for assistance.