Asthma Outreach Program

The City of San Francisco is known as having one of the state's highest hospitalization rates for asthma, particularly among children. To help mitigate the effects of this asthma epidemic, the Asthma Outreach Program was developed in conjunction with the SFDPH Children's Environmental Health Section, the San Francisco Unified School District, the American Lung Association's Open Airways for Schools Program, and the San Francisco Asthma Task Force.

The program consists of paramedics and firefighters visiting elementary schools in San Francisco and teaching children how to deal with the effects of asthma. Program participants also conduct spirometry testing at community clinics, in housing developments and at health fairs.

The program's overall goal is to help reduce the number of asthma emergencies by improving asthma self-management skills. Benefits from the program can include fewer missed days of school, improved classroom performance and increased participation in physical activities. At the end of the course, the Chief of Department presents each student with a Certificate of Good Asthma Management.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Asthma Outreach Program can contact the Administrative Officer.

American Lung Association's "Open Airways for Schools"

San Francisco Asthma Task Force