SFFD Introduces New Lockbox System

SFFD Introduces New Lockbox System (PDF)

The San Francisco Fire Department is changing the type of lockbox it approves for Fire Department access to buildings in San Francisco. In most instances, the installation of a lockbox will be optional. Only new and existing Hazardous (H) and Laboratory (L) occupancies will be required to have the new lockboxes installed by July 1, 2011.

The new approved lockboxes, the TRAC-Vault, by UTC Fire & Security, Inc., is UL listed as tamper resistant. One factor leading to the Fire Department’s search for a new lockbox system were reported incidents of vandalism of lockboxes that had previously been installed and in which contained keys to gain access to the buildings.

“When we were notified that these break-ins were occurring we took immediate action and issued a notice to building owners, advising them of the vandalism and recommending removal of the systems from locations on the exterior of their buildings”, said Fire Marshal Barbara Schultheis.

Technologies have advanced since the old Brass lockbox system was put in place years ago. “We have thoroughly researched the various options that are available today and feel confident that this system is the one that will best serve the overall purpose”, said Schultheis.

All old style lockboxes must be removed or replaced. If a new lockbox system is installed it must be the TRAC-Vault System.

Examples of structures for which a TRAC-Vault lockbox may be beneficial include:

  • Warehouse, industrial, commercial, and other buildings where 24 hour staffing/security is not available.
  • Buildings constructed in a manner such that Fire Department forced entry, if required, would be unduly difficult or result in significant property damage.
  • Buildings with a high frequency of emergency response incidents and where occupants may be endangered due to delays gaining access.
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and high-rise buildings.
  • Buildings with monitored fire alarm and fire suppression systems.

Detailed information about the SFFD Lockbox Program is contained in the SFFD Administrative Bulletin 5.09.

TRAC-Vault systems must be ordered directly from UTC Fire & Security, Inc. Order forms can be downloaded at: TRACcess Rapid Entry Order Form (PDF)