2009 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Public Recognition

Mike Brennecke Civilian
Peter Padilla Civilian


On July 13, 2006 while walking along Lake Merced, Mike Brennecke and Peter Padilla heard cries for help coming from the lake. As the two men looked in the direction of the call, they witnessed a man sink below the surface of the water. Mr. Brennecke, quickly and selflessly, entered the water and pulled the man to the shore. Mr. Brennecke and Mr. Padilla performed CPR on the victim until Fire Department units arrived on the scene.



Steve Gomez Officer, Weymouth PD, MA


On September 13th, 2007 at San Francisco International Airport, a male passenger waiting in the baggage claim area suddenly collapsed. A bystander, finding him pulseless and not breathing, began CPR while Officer Steve Gomez retrieved and operated the AED. Officer Gomez delivered one shock and the patient regained pulses, started breathing on his own and was awake by the time SFFD paramedics arrived. The patient was delivered to the local hospital where he was expected to make a full recovery.


Michael Cesari Sargent, SFPD, Tenderloin Station


On October 20, 2007, Battalion 2 and Engine 1 arrived on the scene at 250 Hyde St. to assist SFPD with a potential jumper. After 25 minutes of negotiating with the young woman she opened the exterior window again and Sgt. Michael Cesari lunged to grab her off the window sill. Lt. Reyes and FF O'Leary ran to the officer's call for assistance and they grabbed her by the waist and feet to pull her inside to safety. Their quick actions, personal initiative and courage prevented the young woman from falling to the street.


Andrew Stambaugh Civilian


On May 15th, 2008, Andrew Stambaugh was working at a jobsite on Pacific Ave when a fire, that eventually progressed to a 2nd alarm, broke out next door. Mr. Stambaugh ran next door as the 2nd story window above him blew out. He kicked the side door in and ran through the house looking and calling for anyone that might be inside and in need of help. After determining that there was no one in the house, he searched for both the gas and electric shut-offs and successfully shut down the utilities. All of this was done before the arrival of any fire suppression units. Mr. Stambaugh reported to arriving units that the home was clear residents and that he had already shut off the utilities.


Christopher Stoehr Civilian


On December 29, 2008 in the evening, while at his home near Ocean Beach, Christopher Stoehr heard that a sailboat that had run aground with its crew of three people in distress. He immediately grabbed his surfboard, entered the cold waters of Ocean Beach under dark, foggy conditions and, without concern for his own safety, began assisting the distressed victims. Upon arrival, the crew of Engine 23 observed Mr. Stoehr assisting the first victim and they too entered the water and brought the other two victims to shore. All three hypothermic and battered patients were successfully rescued and transported to the trauma center. Mr. Stoehr's heroic actions, along with those of the responding engine crew's, contributed to the positive outcome of the three victims that day.