2009 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Sullivan Medal


RC Kevin S. Boone Rescue Captain 4
FF/PM Megan C. Franzen Engine 19


On December 25, 2007, units were dispatched to the San Francisco Zoo for a tiger attack. Under the direction of SFPD and Battalion Chief Ed Roland, Medic 19, RC4 and FF/PM Franzen from Engine 19 caravanned into the zoo to provide medical care for the reported victims. They were first directed to the tiger enclosure where they found the first tiger attack victim. In the dark, with a report that multiple tigers were on the loose, RC Boone and FF/PM Franzen exited their vehicle to provide medical care for this victim. After several minutes they pronounced him dead on the scene. The crews then caravanned to the zoo café where there was a report of another potential victim. They came upon another victim screaming and actively being mauled by a tiger. While SFPD officers were attempting to distract the tiger, the tiger turned its attention and moved towards the police who at that time shot and killed the tiger. RC Boone and FF/PM Franzen once again exited their vehicle to provide medical care to the victim. At the same time, a third victim walked up to Medic 19 and was immediately escorted into the back of the ambulance for medical care. FF/PM Franzen had to walk some distance to Medic 19 to retrieve a backboard for their second patient in order to stabilize and carry him to the ambulance for transport. All of these events transpired while crews believed there were other tigers on the loose.