2009 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Unit Citations




Lt. Robert F. Postel Lt. Bruce A. Navarret Capt. Patrick T. Gardner
FF Michael S. Quinn FF Bruce E. Platt FF John G. Shanley
FF Garrett K. Lucier FF Roger F. Erickson FF Jerry Chiang
FF Michael E. Castelan FF Warren W. House FF Paul C. Crawford
FF Richard A. Miles




Lt. Stephen P. Coffey Lt. Raymond J. Donnelly Capt. Marty A. Ross
FF John R. Kosta FF William H. Downing FF Arnold M. Choy
FF Matthew E. Wayne FF James J. Reidy FF Shane G. Francisco
FF Frank P. Roldan FF Yoon S. Lee FF Dean C. Litchfield
FF Mary K. Minogue-Reidy











On June 2, 2002, first alarm units arrived on the scene of a large fire at the Baldwin Hotel, which quickly became a Third Alarm, with many people in need of rescue. There was fire throughout the hotel, including on at least four floors, in the light wells, in both stairwells and in the attic. All first alarm companies worked under extremely adverse conditions to rescue approximately twenty residents of the hotel.



Lt. John J. Ferrando
FF Lloyd C. Goldberg
FF Brent W. Stuckert
FF/PM John R. Stanfield




On April 23, 2004, Engine 5 responded to 1265 Ellis Street at the request of a nearby civilian to investigate smoke in the area. Upon arrival they found heavy smoke coming from a residence. They forced entry into an apartment and found a woman trapped inside. Their quick actions saved the woman and kept the fire from advancing further.



Lt. John F. Hanley
FF Jeffrey D. Babb
FF Richard A. Brown
FF/PM Brook A. Mancinelli



On November 20, 2004, Engine 6 responded to a working fire at 369 Hermann Street which quickly progressed to a Second Alarm. The 2nd of 3 floors was fully involved and the crew was told that there were people on the 3rd floor. Engine 6 immediately went to the 3rd floor with fire below them. They found two elderly civilians who were trapped inside. They rescued the victims by bringing them through extreme heat and smoke as the fire spread up to the 3rd floor.



Lt. Nicol P. Juratovac Capt. Anthony R. Smerdel
FF Andrew J. Birkhoff FF Joel H. Sato
FF Tyson G. Yee FF Darius O. Luttropp
FF William J. Boyle FF Michael A. Rustia



On September 15, 2005, Engine 7 and Rescue Squad 2 responded to a Third Alarm fire at 395 Capp Street. Upon arrival they witnessed people hanging from 3rd story windows. Under extreme heat and advanced fire conditions, the crews advanced hose lines to extinguish the heavy fire on all three floors and rescued tenants trapped inside.



Lt. Felix T. Duag Capt. Rex J. Hale Lt. Mark T. Hayes
FF Denny Acosta FF Derek K. Murphy FF Derek B. O'Leary
FF Chris J. Salas FF Kevin J. Pardini FF Michael A. Cochrane
FF/PM Gabriel H. Lopez FF Kevin R. Kelly FF John G. Shanley
FF Edward Martinez
Capt. Robert F. Postel Capt. James M. Blake BC Kevin M. Burke
FF John C. Murphy FF Walter P. Villavicencio ISS Charles F. McCoy
FF Michael S. Quinn FF Stephen A. McPartlan
FF Joseph W. Giacomini FF Adam H. Wood RESCUE CAPTAIN 1
FF Conrad T. Benitez RC Anthony Taormina









On May 26, 2006, Engine 3, Truck 3, Rescue Squad 1, Truck 1, Rescue Squad 2, Battalion 2 and RC 1 responded to 1355 Market Street for a structural collapse. Upon arrival, they found a man trapped under a collapsed concrete ceiling weighing several thousand pounds. All companies worked together cutting, shoring, cribbing and setting jacks to stabilize the collapse in a confined space. Under dangerous conditions the crews extricated the trapped patient with outstanding skill and care.



Capt. Henry J. Larkin
FF William Chin
FF Paul D. Orlando
FF/PM Elisabeth S. Filiss





On September 2, 2006, Engine 28 took it upon themselves to stake out Street Box 1423 because it had been the site of excessive false alarms for four consecutive days. The crew devised a plan which included posting a member near the street box to watch for suspicious activity. The crew's perseverance and ingenuity led to a successful arrest and a sharp decrease in false alarm activity in the area.



Capt. Gerald K. Scullion
FF Robert D. Scheppler
FF Charles F. McCoy
FF/PM Ronald Johansen





On October 14, 2006, Engine 36 responded to an individual trapped under a MUNI car at 1201 Market Street. Along with RC3, they immediately got under the train to assess the patient and administer life saving procedures. Under difficult conditions, the crew worked in a very coordinated and professional manner to rescue the individual while avoiding further harm to the patient or damage to the train.



Lt. Terence G. White Capt. Michael V. Rolovich BC Vincent J. Nolan
FF Richard A. Holback FF Kaiser K. Lam
FF Kenneth B. Linney FF Gavin R. Marconi
FF Tracy L. Frantz FF Darryl Scobie
FF James D. Untalan





On May 8, 2007, Engine 14, Truck 14 and Battalion 7, while responding to a series of 13 arson fires in the Richmond District within a 36 minute period of time, located additional fires that were unreported. Many of these fires had the potential to start large building fires due to the close proximity to multiple family residences. While in the midst of extinguishing these fires, members observed a person hiding behind a trash receptacle and apprehended him. Their quick and conscientious actions prevented this arsonist from causing more damage and possibly injuring someone.



Lt. Lawrence J. Cannon Capt. Patrick K. Mullaney
FF Eugene E. Eden FF William C. Davis
FF Keith R. Baraka FF Stephen F. Cassidy
FF/PM Michael Tragesser FF Jeffrey D. Babb
FF Robert D. Ramirez




On January 26, 2008, Engine 6 and Truck 6 responded to 147 Sanchez Street to rescue a repairman who was trapped on a collapsing balcony. The crews quickly laddered the fence and building to rescue the victim. Just as Firefighter Ramirez grabbed the victim's arm, the balcony completely collapsed. Their quick actions ensured that this man descended uninjured.



Capt. John J. Forbes III
FF Kevin W. Garry
FF Chuck I. Watanabe
FF David E. Amituanai



On August 17, 2008, Engine 37 was dispatched to investigate an unknown fire situation. Declaring a working fire, they ascended a ladder to rescue a trapped victim and their pet, forced entry into the building, secured a water supply, led a hose line and extinguished the fire, all prior to the arrival of any other units. Their quick and decisive actions resulted in two successful rescues and prevented further advancement of the fire.



Lt. Dennis W. Sullivan Lt. Raul Francisco
FB Pilot, Samuel C. Moore FF Julie C. DeJarlais
FB Engineer, David C. Owen FF Marco F. Nocon
FF/PM Russell Zimmerman




On August 28, 2008, the Fire Boat Phoenix responded to a large grass and Eucalyptus tree fire that was ascending up steep terrain on the southwest side of Yerba Buena Island. With the hand crews above the fire unable to reach the flames, the Pilot and Engineer maneuvered the Phoenix, under extreme adverse tide and wind conditions, enabling the crew to deploy the monitor and assist with the successful extinguishment of the fire.



Capt. John M. Barcojo
FF Victor C. Gonzales
FF Humbarto Pilarte
FF/PM Donald B. Barrick



On September 5, 2008, Engine 19 responded to a working fire at 333 Monticello. San Francisco State University Police were on the scene reporting an unsuccessful attempt to rescue a victim in the rear of the building due to the extreme heat and smoke. The crew of Engine 19 entered the building under extremely adverse conditions and rescued an elderly handicapped woman and brought her to safety.



Lt. Shon M. Buford
FF Stephen A. McPartlan
FF Andrew G. Saitz
FF Floyd K. Rollins



On October 5, 2008, Rescue Squad 2, after extrication attempts by other units that were already on the scene, successfully disassembled the blades of a rototiller that were embedded in the leg of a 16 year old boy, making it possible to transport him to the hospital. Rescue Squad 2 was then special called to the hospital surgery room where they further assisted surgeons with the disassembly of the remaining blades. Their innovative techniques and surgical assistance prevented major damage to this young boy's leg.



Lt. Steven P. Rascon
FF Thomas R. Johannessen
FF Tami Turner
FF Douglas Manguiat



On October 6, 2008, Engine 24 responded to 4767 18th Street to find heavy smoke billowing and a woman hanging from a 2nd story window. The crew of Engine 24 swiftly placed a 22 Ft. ladder to the 2nd floor and executed a successful civilian rescue.