2011 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Class D Certificate of Commendation

A Class D Certificate of Commendation is awarded to an individual for performing beyond normal expectations in an emergency situation.


A/Lt. Mark T. Hayes (Rescue Squad 1)
FF/PM James H. Green (Engine 9)
FF/PM Timothy T. Tiernan (Engine 17)
FF Kinnie L. Jamerson (Engine 25)
FF Andrew G. Saitz  (Rescue Squad 2)

On January 28, 2008, multiple units responded to an industrial accident at an old PG&E Plant located at 1000 Evans Avenue. The 5-story steel structure was being prepared for demolition. A boiler weighing 1,000 tons had collapsed, entrapping three workers in tangled steel. A/Lt. Mark T. Hayes took the lead on the extrication of one of the workers who’s truck cage had been crushed around him. FF/PM James H. Green provided the patient with outstanding medical care and encouragement during the extrication process. FF/PM Timothy T. Tiernan, FF Andrew G. Saitz and FF Kinnie L. Jamerson were the extrication crew. All members, at risk to their own personal safety, conducted a coordinated extrication operation which was done in a very small, nearly inaccessible space surrounded by unstable steel girders. The patient was successfully removed and transported to the Trauma Center.

[CASE 09-07]


FF Russell A. Roby (Engine 33)

On February 8, 2009, Engine 33 and Truck 15 responded to the scene of a Working Fire at 104 Broad Street. Upon arrival, the driver of E33, FF Russell A. Roby, observed several people hanging out of the first and third floor windows, calling for help. Without hesitation, FF Roby took the initiative to place a ladder to the first floor fire escape and, with the assistance of police officers on the scene, rescued one of the residents. The crew of T15 performed flawlessly, quickly placing a 24’ ladder to a window and executing the successful rescue of the three remaining panicked civilians.

[CASE 09-14]


FF Desmond J. Cotter (Truck 18)

On the night of April 5, 2009, multiple crews responded to KYA Hill for a report of people trapped on a cliff. Under conditions of extreme darkness and steep terrain, and with the assistance of Rescue Squad 2, Truck 17 and Engine 17, FF Desmond J. Cotter climbed through thick underbrush to a ledge 40 ft. above the ground. Using rescue ropes and harnesses FF Cotter effectively rescued a family of 6, one by one, by securing each of them to himself and being lowered from the trees of the cliff to T17’s aerial ladder. The skill and determination of all crews involved were instrumental in providing a good outcome for this family.

[CASE 09-11]


FF Thomas A. McGuire (Rescue Squad 2)

On May 10, 2009, while working on Rescue Squad 2, FF Thomas A. McGuire responded to a scene where a distraught man purposefully swam to the middle of Lake Merced. Seeing that the man was exhausted and unable to make it back to shore, FF McGuire immediately retrieved a board from the Surf Rescue Unit and quickly paddled out to the man’s location and secured him to the board, bringing him safely to shore. FF McGuire’s quick actions were instrumental in the saving of this man’s life.
[CASE 09-17]


FF Sara Coe (Rescue Squad 1)
FF Paul R. Gallegos (Rescue Squad 1)

May 23, 2010  On May 23, 2010, while working on Rescue Squad 1, Firefighters Sara Coe and Paul A. Gallegos responded to the report of a distraught female in the bay. Upon arrival, the crew spotted the woman approximately 60 yards from the pier. Flagging down a Boston Whaler and climbing aboard the boat, FFs Coe and Gallegos were taken to the woman’s side. They entered the water and remained with the woman until the Fireboat arrived. FFs Coe and Gallegos were responsible for keeping the woman from taking her own life.

[CASE 10-12]


FF Noel J. Moroney (Engine 5)

On the afternoon of July 13, 2010, Rescue Squad 1, along with multiple units, responded to the scene of a collapsed trench, entrapping a worker under soil and heavy concrete. Upon arriving on the scene, the crew of RS1 quickly called for shoring and cribbing equipment, medical support and hand shovels. Working tirelessly for four hours, the crew of Rescue Squad 1 continuously assessed and treated the victim and shoveled the loose soil that repeatedly backfilled the excavation site. Challenged by unstable ground and concrete pilings, companies stabilized the collapse area with shoring, ropes, webbing and chain.  Determined to successfully complete their mission, the responding crews set up a pulley system and, in a coordinated team effort, extricated the man from the trench. The expertise and skills of all companies resulted in the successful rescue of the worker who, as a result of his care, suffered only minor injuries.

[CASE 10-11]