2011 Mertorious Conduct Awards - Class A Medal

Class A Medals are awarded for acts voluntary in nature in relation to the saving of human life under the most adverse conditions and extreme personal risk.  Recipients also receive a monetary award in the amount of $500.


A/Captain, Robert A. Styles (Engine 22) - Sullivan Medal Award Recipient

Lieutenant, David C. Ritter (Engine 34) - Rainey Medal Award Recipient

On May 2, 2009, responding to a report of multiple surfers in distress off the rocks near the Cliff House, T/Capt. Robert A. Styles and Lt. David C. Ritter observed a flood tide producing strong, swift northerly currents sweeping surfers through the rocks. Both Officers coordinated teams and initiated their rescue plan. A/Capt. Styles and FF Desmond J. Cotter strategically entered the surf south of the Cliff House in order to take the northerly flowing current to an eddy where one of the surfers was stuck on the rocks. Lt. Garreth Miller entered the surf to assist the other swimmers. Once in the water the rescue teams encountered a current that was stronger than anticipated, at times, wondering if they would become victims of the treacherous surf themselves. Eventually, making physical contact with the surfers, Officers Ritter and Styles brought them safely to shore. Without the expertise and skills of A/Capt. Styles and Lt. Dave Ritter directing rescue efforts, the surfers likely would have succumbed to the struggle that they encountered that day.

[CASE 09-10]


T/Captain, James T. O’Connell (Truck 10) - Scannell Medal Award Recipient

Firefighter, Henry H. Tasto (Truck 10)

Firefighter, Ryan M. Toby (Truck 10)

On December 13, 2009, T10 responded to a Working Fire at 1839 Jefferson St. The crew, led by Captain James T. O’Connell, proceeded into the Fire Building to conduct search and rescue operations. The Captain reported “Heavy Smoke and Fire on the 2nd Floor” yet proceeded up to the third floor. The crew split and conducted a floor sweep while conditions deteriorated. The crew could feel the extreme heat of the fire below them and the staircase, their means of egress, was becoming compromised as they continued their search efforts without the benefit of a hose line. The crew located a 27 year old male victim, unconscious and burned and working together as a team, the crew removed the victim from the fire building to the street level where a medical team took over his care. If not for the quick actions of Capt. O’Connell and his crew, the victim would have died within minutes.

[CASE 09-22]