2013 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Class A Medal

Class A Medals are awarded for acts voluntary in nature in relation to the saving of human life under the most adverse conditions and extreme personal risk. Recipients also receive a monetary award in the amount of $500.


Firefighter - William A. Mulkeen    Truck 2

On January 1, 2011, in the early morning hours, multiple units responded to the scene of a 2-Alarm fire in a multi-unit apartment building located at 920 Montgomery Street. While being met with heavy smoke and 20 foot flames, the crew of Truck 2 successfully ventilated the roof. In the course of conducting roof operations, the Officer of Truck 2, Capt. Michael Rolovich, observed two elderly people trapped in a third floor apartment, frantically waving their arms in distress as black smoke billowed out of their window. Under the coordinated direction of Capt. Rolovich and, with the help of the crews of Truck 1 and Truck 13, FFs William Mulkeen and Daniel Molloy, skillfully bridged a 24 foot ladder from the parapet of the fire building to the rooftop across the alley. With the ladder bridged at a 40 degree angle across the alley and, 30 feet above ground, both FFs climbed to adjacent rooftop. Captain Rolovich then lowered his end of the ladder down and into the window of the elderly couple’s apartment. With FF Molloy securing one end of the Ladder, FF Mulkeen made his way back across the ladder and into the elderly couple’s apartment. Upon making contact with the occupants, they became combative and fearful to make the return climb across the ladder. Understanding the critical element of time and without hesitation, FF Mulkeen removed his breathing apparatus and Turnout coat. Wrapping them in his turnout coat, he carried each across the ladder, one at a time, to safety.


Firefighter/Paramedic - Gabriel H. Lopez   Off-Duty

Lopez - Class A (2013)On December 20, 2011 while off-duty, Firefighter Paramedic Gabriel Lopez observed a plume of dark smoke near his home in Lake County. Without hesitation, FF/PM Lopez drove to the scene to see if he could be of assistance. Upon arrival FF/PM Lopez witnessed a teenage boy engulfed in flames, fleeing the burning structure. In order to access the patient FF/PM Lopez first had to put out a grass and vegetation fire that had begun around the boy. While doing this, a propane tank within the structure began to ventilate and caught fire, shooting flames 20-30 feet into the air. FF/PM Lopez used his own body to shield the boy from further injury from thermal heat exposure until another responder could help move him to a safer location. At this time FF/PM Lopez notified the Incident Commander of the severity of the teenager’s injuries so resources could be appropriately redirected. FF/PM Lopez then assisted the medical flight crew with their first ever Cricoid Airway procedure in the field. Sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body, the patient was airlifted to a trauma center. After many months of treatment, the patient was released from the hospital.