2015 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Class C Medal

Class C Medals are awarded for acts of exceptional character and associated with unusual ability, personal initiative and courage. Recipients also receive a monetary award in the amount of $100.


Assistant Chief - Thomas A. Siragusa                                   Division 3

On July 6, 2013, Division 3 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. At this unprecedented Level III multi-casualty incident, AC Thomas Siragusa, as Incident Commander, coordinated and directed the operations of multiple units from San Francisco and other jurisdictions. More than 300 patients were triaged with 180 patients being transported to hospitals in multiple counties. The knowledge, skills and command experience at this incident led to its successful outcome.

[CASE 13-17]   Asiana Airline Flight 214 Crash


Firefighter/Paramedic - Nathan H. Shapiro                         Engine 44

On July 6, 2013, E44 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. As one of the first Units on-scene from the City, they were assigned to the Red patient Treatment Area. FF/PM Shapiro organized and provided patient care to the seriously injured patients and determined the transport priority of the most critical. The identification and timely transport of the most critical patients has been praised by ER Physicians as a key factor in the survival rates of the patients of Flight 214. The entire crew provided patient care and organization at the scene, greatly contributing to the successful outcome of this unprecedented Level III Multi-casualty incident.

[CASE 13-17]   Asiana Airline Flight 214 Crash


Battalion Chief - Mark J. Johnson                                        Battalion 10

On July 6, 2013, Battalion 10 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. At this unprecedented Level III multi-casualty incident, BC Mark Johnson was assigned to Fire Attack. With leaking fuel, active fire and Firefighters and passengers still aboard the plane BC Johnson coordinated and directed multiple units from San Francisco and the Airport to protect search and rescue operations, prevent additional complications with the leaking fuel and suppress the fire. Under Battalion Chief Johnson’s direction the crews worked effectively as a team.

[CASE 13-17]   Asiana Airline Flight 214 Crash


Firefighter/Paramedic - John Christy                                   Stress Unit
Lieutenant - Daniel B. Griffin                                                Stress Unit

On July 6, 2013, the San Francisco Fire Department responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. As a result of this crash and circumstances beyond our control, many of the members who responded suffered great emotional anguish. FF/PM John Christy and Lt. Daniel Griffin, the two members serving as the Fire Department Stress Unit, provided countless hours of counseling, debriefing and emotional support to those in need. Both FF/PM Christy and Lt. Griffin provide these invaluable and much needed services to the members of the Fire Department on a daily basis, no matter the reason or the hour. They have been instrumental in saving the lives of many Firefighters and their families.

[CASE 13-17]   Asiana Airline Flight 214 Crash


Firefighter/Paramedic - Jonathan P. Baxter                            Engine 1

On July 27, 2013, E01, T01 and RS01 responded to 6th and Folsom Streets for a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. Upon arrival crews observed an overturned vehicle, under the shower of a broken hydrant, with a person trapped inside. FF/PM Jonathan Baxter crawled into the vehicle to assess the patient who was suffering from life-threatening traumatic injuries. While crews used power tools to extricate the patient, FF/PM Jonathan Baxter provided life-saving treatment, which, according to Emergency Room Doctors, surely saved this man’s life.

[CASE 13-16]


Firefighter - Michael C. Rubin                                               Rescue Squad 1
Firefighter - Jerry Chiang                                                      Rescue Squad 1

On June 4, 2014, RS1 responded to a report of a person in the water under Pier 1, Embarcadero South. Firefighters Jerry Chiang and Michael Rubin, suited up in dive gear, entered the water in search of the victim. The search area was large, visibility low and physical hazards in the water including rebar and pier piling obstructions. Upon locating the individual, who was in an altered mental state, the pair secured him and retrieved him from this dangerous situation. The diligent and thorough efforts of these Firefighters surely saved this man’s life.

[CASE 14-09] 


Lieutenant - Dean Crispen                                                    Truck 3
Firefighter - Mark T. Hayes                                                    Rescue Squad 1

On January 14, 2007, while Truck 3 & Rescue Squad 1 were responding to a dispatch to a fire on Sutter Street they observed the smoke coming from a building located at 736 Jones Street. Both units immediately made entry to the building without the protection of a hose line as an Engine company had not yet arrived. As two members of Truck 3 hooked up the house line and with heavy smoke banking down to the ground and a report of a person trapped, FF Mark Hayes forcibly opened the door to an apartment unit. Lt. Dean Crispen observed a man lying on the ground approximately 10 feet into the room. FF Hayes & Lt. Crispen crawled into the unit which was fully involved at the rear and pulled the unconscious man out and handed him off to FF’s Brian Barden and Josh Wilson. The two Firefighters carried the man out of the building for medical treatment.

[CASE 13-21]