2015 Meritorious Conduct Awards - Class D Unit Citation

A Class D Unit Citation is awarded to a company for performing beyond normal expectations in an emergency situation.


Lieutenant - Christopher Posey
Firefighter/Paramedic - Matthew G. Lane
Firefighter - Zachary J. Tibbits
Firefighter - Geary J. Horikiri

On July 6, 2013, Engine 32 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. Upon arrival the crew was assigned to the Yellow Patient Treatment Area to treat and continually reassess the largest group of patients, many of whom were upgraded to Red. Their skill and hard work under extreme circumstances contributed to the positive outcome of many of the critically injured patients. [CASE 13-17]


Captain - Ethan I. Banford
Firefighter/Paramedic - Nathan H. Shapiro
Firefighter - Darryl F. Brewster
Firefighter - Anton Shelton

On July 6, 2013, E44 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. As one of the first Units on-scene from the City, they were assigned to the Red patient Treatment Area. FF/PM Shapiro organized and provided patient care to the seriously injured patients and determined the transport priority of the most critical. The identification and timely transport of the most critical patients has been praised by ER Physicians as a key factor in the survival rates of the patients of Flight 214. The entire crew provided patient care and organization at the scene, greatly contributing to the successful outcome of this unprecedented Level III Multi-casualty incident. [CASE 13-17]


Lieutenant - Edward Y. Chu
Firefighter/Paramedic - Craig S. Johnson
Firefighter - Christina Gibbs
Firefighter - Don L. Noble

On July 6, 2013, Engine 9 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. With more than 200 Green patients to manage and transport to a place of refuge, the crew of E9 treated and tracked these patients, contributing to the successful outcome of this unprecedented Level III Multi-casualty incident. [CASE 13-17]


Assistant Chief - Thomas A. Siragusa
Incident Support Specialist - Carol Conley-Bodin

On July 6, 2013, Division 3 responded to the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214. At this unprecedented Level III multi-casualty incident, AC Thomas Siragusa, as Incident Commander, coordinated and directed the operations of multiple units from San Francisco and other jurisdictions. More than 300 patients were triaged with 180 patients being transported to hospitals in multiple counties. The knowledge, skills and command experience at this incident led to its successful outcome. [CASE 13-17]


Firefighter/Paramedic - Meir I. Gordon Firefighter/Paramedic - Richard Wendland
Firefighter - Tomie Kato Firefighter - Daniel W. Tauber

On July 6, 2013, Airport Rescue 91 and 93 were the first EMS Units on-scene of the crash of Asiana Airline Flight 214, an unprecedented multi-casualty incident involving 307 people. The immediate institution of the ICS structure and critical actions of initiating triage by these members led directly to the successful EMS operations during this Level III MCI. [CASE 13-17]


Firefighter - Jimmy Yee Lieutenant - David M. Brown Firefighter - Jay K. Lee
Firefighter - Roger Phillips  Firefighter - Rebecca A. Atwater Firefighter - Todd M. Plunkett
  Firefighter - Kenneth A. Martin  
Firefighter - John W. Yee Lieutenant - Christine E. Emmons  
Firefighter - Elysse R. Duckett  Firefighter - Sally J. Saxton  
  Firefighter - Nicholas C. Bazarini  
Firefighter - Michelle D. McCoy  Lieutenant - David J. Monteverdi  
Firefighter - James Hudson  Firefighter - Michele E. Li  
  Firefighter/Paramedic - Michael D. Kirk  

On July 6, 2013, the units of the Airport Division Stations 1, 2, and 3 responded to the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214. In this unprecedented Level III Multi-casualty incident these members positioned their ARFF units in close proximity to the burning Boeing 777 to control the fire. With jet fuel leaking from the wings, several Firefighters boarded the plane in heavy smoke and active fire conditions to evacuate trapped and injured passengers. These members also assisted in triage and treatment of more than 300 patients. In the face of extremely hazardous conditions the performance of their duties reflects the highest traditions of the San Francisco Fire Department. [CASE 13-17]


Paramedic - David A. Pagan Paramedic - Jennifer M. Stow Paramedic - Nathaniel D. Olivias
EMT - John P. Kavanaugh  EMT - Brian R. Buna EMT - Ryan E. Towner

On July 6, 2013, Medic 55, Medic 86 and Medic 88 were among the first units from the City to arrive on the scene of the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214. In this unprecedented Level III Multi-casualty incident these members were escorted to the debris-field at the rear of the burning aircraft. Immediately identifying 4 critical patients, Medics 86 and 88 rapidly transported them to the hospital. Medic 55 worked their way toward the Command Post checking the debris-field for additional patients, ultimately transporting 2 additional critical patients to the hospital. Under difficult circumstances, these members took decisive and immediate action which saved the lives of many critically injured patients. [CASE 13-17]


Lieutenant - Mark A. Gonzales
Firefighter - Jerry Chiang
Firefighter - Jay M. Cleland
Firefighter - Kevin J. Salas

On March 12, 2005, Rescue Squad 1 responded to a 2-Alarm fire at 951 Eddy Street. In heavy smoke and fire conditions, the crew conducted a quick but thorough search on the 3rd and 4th floor of the 4 story building without the benefit of a protective hose line. Locating three elderly residents, the team brought all three to safety. FF Jerry Chiang removed the mask of his breathing apparatus and shared his air with one of the residents. Their courageous and heroic efforts saved the lives of all three residents. [CASE 13-20]


Lieutenant - Walter P. Villavicencio Lieutenant - James H. Parish Captain - James S. Kircher
Firefighter/PM - Jonathan T. Baxter Firefighter - Geoffrey R. Queseda Firefighter - Sara Coe
Firefighter - Theodore R. Creighton Firefighter - James M. McGuigan Firefighter - Shawn M. Zimmerman
Firefighter - Conrad T. Benitez Firefighter - Shaun J. Mooney Firefighter - Barry R. Lo
  Firefighter - Stephen D. Cruz  

On July 27, 2013, E01, T01 and RS01 responded to 6th and Folsom Streets for a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. Upon arrival crews observed an overturned vehicle, under the shower of a broken hydrant, with a person trapped inside. Using the Jaws of Life and coordinated teamwork, the crews diligently and successfully extricated the patient who was suffering from life-threatening traumatic injuries. The skill and care used in the extrication efforts contributed to the successful outcome of the patient. [CASE 13-16]


Lieutenant - Thomas P. Oertli
Firefighter - Reyner I. Medina
Firefighter - Lawrence M. Jew
Firefighter - Noel “John Moroney
Firefighter - Andre’ C. Williams

On March 23, 2013, at the scene of an intentionally set fire at a restaurant at 554 Commercial Street, members of T13 found a tip jar outside, leading them to believe that a burglary was involved. In questioning a homeless man as a witness he pointed out a man on a bicycle as the perpetrator. Arson Investigator Machael Thomas, along with several members of T13, chased and apprehended the suspect until police arrived. Their intuition and brave actions contributed to removing a criminal from the streets of San Francisco. [CASE 13-02]


Lieutenant - Kenneth D. Smith Lieutenant - Ethan A. Jackson Lieutenant - Darius O. Luttropp
Firefighter/PM - William L. Rader Firefighter - Greg C. Trumpler Firefighter - Raymond Schnelker
Firefighter - Ryan M. Toby Firefighter - Eric M. Stiveson Firefighter - Frank C. Cuffe
Firefighter - Gaylord A.T. Gabriel Firefighter - Kalin M. Waterman Firefighter - Jerry Chiang
Firefighter - Christopher B. Boutilier Firefighter - Christopher P. Chambre  
Probationary Firefighter - Brian K. Sullivan    

On September 27, 2013, during the morning commute hours, units were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at Gough and Pine Streets. First on-scene, E38 observed 2 vehicles rolled over with 4 people trapped inside and a third vehicle with 3 people injured. E38 immediately called for additional resources and began patient treatment. Truck 3 stabilized the vehicles and began extricating the patients with the assistance of the crew of Rescue Squad 1. Rescue Captain 1 coordinated triage, treatment and transport of 7 patients, one of whom, despite the valiant efforts of Firefighters, sadly succumbed to his injuries. This was a true team effort in the finest tradition of the San Francisco Fire Department. [CASE 13-12]


Captain - Michael A. Cochrane
Firefighter/Paramedic -
William L. Rader
Firefighter -
Emily O’Rourke
Firefighter -
Damian Garcia

On January 27, 2013, E15 responded to a report of fire in a building at 825 Brazil Avenue. Upon arrival, with a deep-seated fire on the first floor, E15 was directed by B09 to conduct a primary search for an elderly invalid on the floor above the fire. While other companies on the scene attacked the fire, the Captain of E15, Michael Cochrane, directed Firefighter Emily O'Rourke to advance a protection line to the second floor while he and Firefighter Paramedic William Rader conducted the search in heavy smoke conditions. Firefighter Rader located the unconscious occupant and the crew removed him to safety. E15 courageously executed this rescue without hesitation in the face of certain danger. Their heroic actions reflect the highest traditions of the San Francisco Fire Department. [CASE 13-01]


Captain - Glenn E. Kircher
Firefighter -
Ryan M. Toby
Firefighter -
Ian J. Derammelaere
Firefighter -
Frederick L. Calonico, III

On the afternoon of April 25, 2013, while returning to Station 38 from a medical call, members of E38 heard the screams of a woman who was being assaulted and robbed of her purse by a group of teenagers. At great risk to their own safety, not knowing if the suspects were armed, the three Firefighters chased the suspect for ½ mile and apprehended them until police arrived. The Captain remained with the patient and provided medical treatment. [CASE 13-04]


Lieutenant - Ryan A. Kennedy Lieutenant - Ethan A. Jackson
Firefighter/Paramedic - James Lowe Firefighter - John R. Silva
Firefighter - Paul A. Gallegos Firefighter - Daniel A. Douglass
Firefighter - Stephen D. Cruz Firefighter - Patrick E. Reyes
  Firefighter - Guadalupe O. Marin

On November 19, 2013, upon exiting 201 Turk Street from a building alarm investigation, the crews of E01 and T03 were notified by passers-by of an ensuing fight behind T03. Immediately responding, they observed a female assailant slashing another female in the face and head with a razor blade. With total disregard to their own safety, members of both companies restrained and disarmed the assailant and rendered medical treatment to the seriously injured patient. The quick actions of the crews prevented the patient from sustaining more serious injuries. [CASE 13-14]


Lieutenant - Kenneth D. Smith
Firefighter - Ryan M. Toby
Firefighter - Ian J. Derammelaere
Firefighter - Jarrod R. Cariola

On August 7, 2012, as a cover-in company at Station 18 during a 4-alarm fire E38 was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at 19th Avenue and Moraga. Upon arrival the crew observed a small vehicle wedged between a pole and a retaining wall. With T12 responding from a distance the crew knew that time was of the essence to access and extricate the young woman inside who was suffering from severe head trauma. Using their axes and forcible entry tools, the crew removed the patient from the wreckage, secured her to a backboard and began administering medical treatment. The determination of the crew of E38 resulted in saving the life of the young woman. [CASE 13-23]


Battalion Chief - Nicol P. Juratovac
Incident Support Specialist - Paul T. Urquiaga

On December 15, 2015, as the first unit on the scene of a motor vehicle accident on the San Jose off-ramp of Highway 280, B09, A/BC Nicol Juratovac and ISS Paul Urquiaga, found an over-turned vehicle with the driver still inside, suffering from severe facial trauma and agonal breathing. Prior to the arrival of other units, ISS Urquiaga and BC Juratovac extricated the driver and administered medical treatment. The quick actions of these members contributed to the patient’s survival. [CASE 14-11]