5.05 Signage of Buildings with Wood or Lightweight Steel Truss, or Composite Wood Joist (TJI) or Roof Construction

Reference: 2019 San Francisco Fire Code, Section 316.7.

Purpose: Buildings with wood or lightweight steel truss or composite wood joist (TJI) floor and/or roof construction present a greater hazard to firefighters than buildings with traditional roof and floor construction due to the increased incidence of early collapse during fires. Firefighting in San Francisco requires an aggressive approach due to the proximity of buildings. For these reasons, the Fire Department is requiring that any building with wood or lightweight steel truss floor and/or roof construction, whether existing or new, be posted with a sign identifying it as such.

Exception: Group R-3 Occupancies

For existing buildings where conventional sawn wood joists are replaced with trusses, the building shall be identified as above when:

1. Spaced at 24"- 2 or more are replaced, or;

2. Spaced at 16"- 3 or more are replaced.
The emblem shall be of a bright and reflective color, or be made of a reflective material. The placard shall be an isosceles triangular shape and the minimum size shall be 12” horizontally (measured at the base of the triangle) by 6” vertically (measured from the base to the top of the triangle). The following letters, of a color to make them conspicuous, shall be printed on the emblem and shall be a minimum size of 2-1/4 inches tall:

  • “F” to signify a floor with truss construction;
  • “R” to signify a roof with truss construction;
  • “FR” to signify a building with both floor and roof truss construction.

Larger placards are permitted and their size shall increase proportionally to the specifications above. The emblem shall be permanently affixed to the left of the main entrance door between four and six feet above the landing, and shall be maintained by the owner of the building. Alternative locations may be approved by the Fire Code Official. Multiple signs may be required at the discretion of the Fire Code Official when multiple entrances to the building exist. The sign shall be suitable and durable for exterior use and its method of attachment to the building shall be of a permanent nature.

Exception: In high-rise buildings, the sign may be located in the Fire Command Center.

View PDF for examples of signs identifying a building with truss floor and roof construction (use the one that is applicable to your project):