About SFFD Operations

The San Francisco Fire Department's goals are to provide the highest quality of emergency services and to promote community participation in fire prevention and disaster preparedness.  Protection is provided to citizens residing in the 49 square miles of San Francisco and extended to an additional 750,000 visitors and workers during the business day.  Resources consist of 43 Engine companies, 19 Truck companies, a dynamically deployed fleet of Ambulances, 2 Heavy Rescue Squad units, 2 Fireboats, and multiple special purpose units.  Fire Suppression companies are organized into two Divisions (identified as Division 2 and 3), and are further divided into 9 Battalions (indentified as Battalion 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).  The Airport Division is comprised of 3 firefighting companies located at the San Francisco International Airport.
The roles and responsibilities of the members of Division 2 and 3 include: Command and control, fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster operations, mitigation of hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, and mass casualty incidents.  Fire prevention responsibilities consist of pre-planning and inspections of buildings, fire protection devices and water supplies.
Division 2:  Division 2 is comprised of the downtown and financial districts of San Francisco and runs through the northwestern boundaries of the City.  Within its boundaries are the majority of the high-rise buildings in San Francisco, schools, hospitals, churches, community centers, stores, historical landmarks, ocean front beaches, underground transportation systems, tunnels, bridges, hotels and wood-frame residential structures in densely populated neighborhoods.
Division 3:  Division 3 is comprised of the South of Market area of San Francisco and runs through the southwestern boundaries of the City, up to the southern border of the City.  The San Francisco International Airport, Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island and the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard also fall within the operational jurisdiction of Division 3.  Division 3 is the home to all types of residential and commercial buildings, including high-rise buildings, underground construction, wood-frame residential structures in densely populated neighborhoods and the only heavy concentration of industrial occupancies found in San Francisco.  The responsibilities of the members of Division 3 include: the main transportation facilities in the City (BART, SFO, MUNI) and an extended area of SF Port facilities.  The oversight of these areas requires a wide variety of specialized training with the agencies that oversee these facilities, including MMTF training with the San Francisco Police Department.