Aircraft Rescue FireFighting (ARFF) Vehicles at SFO

 0819-4  ARFF Vehicle using Bumper Turret.

                            Two ARFF Vehicles
                            Capacity: 4500 gallons water; 540 gallons foam; 
                            460 lbs Dry Chem; 500 lbs Halotron
                            Vehicles equipped with 65 foot High-Reach Extendable 
                            Turret for access to the new A380 passenger airbusses.



 ARFF Vehicles in action during a Drill

                            Rescue 56
                            Pierce Quantum Dual Agent Structural Engine
                            Capacity: 1000 gallons water; 150 gallons foam; 
                            460 lbs Dry Chem

 SB Fire 2

 ARFF Vehicle responding to the PG&E San Bruno Fire (9/9/10)
 Capacity: 4500 gallons of water; 540 gallons of foam