Request SFFD Participation at a Community Event

To request a local fire company to be present at a community event, please complete the form below.  Requests must be submitted at least THREE (3) WEEKS PRIOR to the date of the event.  Please note that all dates are subject to availability.  Visits may be cancelled at the last minute with no notification due to emergency response or firefighter training requirements.

To be eligible, events must be:

  • located in the City & County of San Francisco
  • non-residential


  • Purpose of participation shall not be for medical stand-by or other emergency service function that is otherwise required by Fire Code
  • Fire Department shall not participate in election campaign or other political events
  • Participation in any community event is subject to the discretion of the Fire Department

Request Form - Fire Department Participation at a Community Event

For questions or assistance, please contact:

Administrative Officer
Office of the Chief of Department

Phone: (415) 558-3403 | Fax: (415) 558-3407