Safe Haven for Newborns Program

California's "Safely Surrendered Baby Law" went into effect on January 1, 2001. This law allows a birth parent, or any adult with legal custody of the child, who is either unwilling or unable to care for their newborn, the option to legally, confidentially and safely surrender that child to a hospital emergency room or other designated location within 3 days of birth, without criminal prosecution for child abandonment.

The San Francisco Fire Department plays a pivotal role in the Safe Haven for Newborns Program, which designates all SFFD Fire Station Locations as surrender sites for newborn infants. Members of the Fire Department assume responsibility for the safety and medical treatment of infants surrendered to them and placed in their care.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Safe Haven for Newborns Program or would like more information, please contact the resources listed below.

Child Protective Services Hotline

Safely Surrendered Baby Law

SF Board of Supervisors Resolution 347-03
(Designating San Francisco Fire Stations as Surrender Sites)

This Sign Is Posted On Designated Surrender Sites For Newborn Infants:

Safe Haven for Newborns Sign