Contractor License and Certificate Verification


Pursuant to state law and regulations, the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) requires that contractors installing, repairing, inspecting or testing any life safety equipment in San Francisco including, but not limited to, fire alarms, standpipes, and sprinkler systems, must possess a valid current C-10 (electrical) or C-16 (fire protection) contractor license issued by the California Contractors State License Board (CA-CSLB).  The SFFD does not approve or accept work of the types listed above conducted by persons or companies known not to hold the required license.

Employees of companies hired to work on life safety systems are also required to maintain a valid current Electrician Certificate (fire alarms) issued by the CA Department of Industrial Relations (CA-DIR) or a valid current Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certificate (sprinkler/standpipes) issued by the CA Office of the State Fire Marshal (CAL-OSFM).  The SFFD recommends that building owners, or their representatives, request to view the associated certificates from those persons working in your building and on your behalf.

Furthermore, companies who service and test fire extinguishers are also required to obtain the applicable license classification from the CAL-OSFM.  Employees of fire extinguisher companies shall also maintain a valid current Certificate of Registration (C of R) issued by the CAL-OSFM.  The SFFD recommends that building owners, or their representatives, request to view the certificate from those persons recertifying and servicing your fire extinguishers prior to beginning work.


CA-Contractors State License Board (C10/C16 license search):

CA-Department of Industrial Relations (fire alarm electrician certification search):

CA-Department of Industrial Relations (fire alarm electrician trainee list):

CA-Office of the State Fire Marshal (fire extinguisher license and certification): See "Active Records"

CA-Office of the State Fire Marshal (fire sprinkler fitter certification information bulletins):
PDF iconCALFIRE - 2019 Fire Sprinkler Fitter Certification (12.28.18).pdf  (New)

Letter from the SFFD Fire Marshal
Below is a copy of the letter that was sent from the SFFD Fire Marshal informing building owners:

PDF iconLETTER FROM FIRE MARSHAL - Important Information for Building Owners (06.28.18).pdf