Reports & Resolutions

2013-01: Commending George Lau for Years of Exemplary Service as Fire Commissioner (PDF)
2012-05: Accept Additional FEMA Funding to Enhance Water-Based Response Capabilities (PDF)
2012-04: Approve the Donation of 5 Obsolete SCBAs to CA Maritime Academy (PDF)
2012-03: Accept FEMA Grant Funding to Upgrade SCBA Inventory (PDF)
2012-02: Adopt EIR Mitigation Measures for Fire Station 1 Relocation Project (PDF)
2012-01: Accept FEMA Port Security Grant to Enhance Water-Based Response Capabilities (PDF)
2011-05: Procure Design for Fireboat
2011-03: ESER Bond Funding for Pier and Shop/Dormitory
2011-02: Recommendation to Accept Port Security Grant Funding
2011-01: Recommendation to Accept FEMA Grant for Washer/Extractors
2010-02: Recommendation to Amend Cooperative Agreement with US Navy
2010-01: Pursue Federal Grant Funds for PWSS Expansion
2009-07: Equipment for Relief Apparatus
2009-05: Fire/EMS Apparatus & Vehicle Replacement Program
2009-04: Temporarily Deactivating Engine 35
2009-03: Required Submissions & Reports
2009-03: Exhibit A
2009-02: Oil Spill Response Equipment Grant
2009-01: Advanced Driver Training Program Grant
2008-04: Gift of Mask Fit Testing Equipment & Medical Bags
2008-03: Gift of Reference Library for Division of Training
2008-02: Wellness & Fitness Program Grant
2008-01: Gift of Medical Equipment - CPAP Devices
2007-06: Facilities Maintenance
2007-05: Fire & EMS Apparatus Replacement Program
2005-09: SFFD Historical Society
2005-05: EMS Reconfiguration Public Safety Benefits
2005-04: EMS Reconfiguration
2002-02: Candidate Physical Ability Test - CPAT