Fire Safety Education Outreach Program

The San Francisco Fire Department is excited to introduce our Fire Safety Education Outreach Team, providing vital information to San Francisco community groups and associations as part of SFFD's Fire Safety Education Outreach Program.  Our goal is to make San Francisco a safer place to live.  We have created a presentation and packet of information that promotes fire and life safety, information aimed at reducing the risk of fires and preventing property damage due to fires, as well as answers to questions and concerns in post-fire situations.  Currently one Fire Inspector and one Fire Investigator are staffing the Team.

The fire and life safety presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes and will include:

  • Fire escape planning;
  • Top causes of fire in San Francisco and in the nation, with tips to help prevent them;
  • Information about carbon monoxide and smoke alarms;
  • Fire extinguisher training, with a practice session using a digital extinguisher training simulator that can give the 'real' experience of operating a fire extinguisher;
  • Fire analysis provided by the Fire Investigator, including statistics of fires in your neighborhood, and suggestions and answers to concerns that may arise after a fire event.

Special fire and life safety information can be included upon request (example: hazardous material storage, LPG (propane) storage and regulations, etc.)  Please ask if you have a special concern or request for your group.

For more information, or to request a fire and life safety presentation, please contact:

Fire Inspector, Fernando Juarez
Phone: 415-558-3344


Fire Safety Tips for San Francisco