Fiscal Year 2003-2004

Class A Meritorious Conduct Award


Firefighter/Paramedic Jonathan Baxter

Medic 18

Firefighter/Paramedic Beth Goudreau

Medic 18

Firefighter Elizabeth Leahy

Truck 18

Firefighter Jason Woo

Engine 18

On the afternoon of February 18, 2004, Station 18 responded to Ocean Beach at Sloat Boulevard to a report of an overturned sailboat with people in the water. With winds gusting to 40 mph at what is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous beaches, the surf was extremely turbulent and treacherous. Without hesitation, the A-team, consisting of FF Leahy and FF/PM Goudreau, entered the water, followed closely by the B-team of FF/PM Baxter and FF Woo. FF Leahy reached the first victim and FF/PM Goudreau reached the second victim. The B-team, upon learning of a third victim, searched the area to no avail. They then returned to the A-team and assisted them in bringing the two victims to shore. All this was done on a late mid-winter day against some of the most perilous conditions the ocean has to offer. The two people rescued are alive today only because of the quick, decisive actions of these firefighters.

Class B Meritorious Conduct Award

Firefighter Darryl Scobie

Truck 14

On the afternoon of March 11, 2004, FF Scobie, while off duty, observed three people being swept into the ocean from the rocks below the Cliff House. He quickly changed into his swimsuit, grabbed his surfboard and entered the water to assist them. He paddled out to the first two victims who were in deep water and assisted them to a safe position near the shore on the rocks. He then proceeded to paddle through heavy rip current and wave activity to rescue the third victim who by now was halfway to Seal Rock. One of the waves fractured the tail of his surfboard on the rocks. Upon reaching her, he jumped off his board and lifted the woman onto it. After constantly battling the waves and current and trying to keep the victim on the board, he was met about 40 feet from shore by a National Park Service lifeguard and was assisted to shore.

Class C Meritorious Conduct Award

Firefighter Joseph Barbero

Engine 24

On January 29, 2004, Engine 24 responded to a working fire at 35 Skyview Drive. When it was learned that a victim could possibly be on the second floor, a search was begun. Under heavy heat and smoke conditions, FF Barbero conducted a search of nearby rooms and found the victim in a hallway bathroom. Other members were then alerted to assist him and the victim was removed.

Class C Meritorious Conduct Award

Temporary Lieutenant Brad Rey

Truck 3

On the morning of April 9, 2004, Truck 3 was one of many companies that responded to the nearly fully involved building at 1437 Hyde St. As the fire, that had already claimed two lives, was spreading, the crew of Truck 3 raised a ladder to a second floor window where a woman was in great danger. T/Lt. Rey ascended the ladder and pulled the woman from the room and down the ladder to safety

Class C Meritorious Conduct Award

Firefighter Anthony Martinez

Rescue Squad 1

On the morning of April 10, 2004, FF Martinez responded with the crew of Rescue 2 to a second alarm at 245 29th Ave. While participating in a search of the second floor through heavy smoke and extreme heat and without the protection of a charged hose line, FF Martinez located a female victim in the bedroom. He lifted the woman to his shoulder and carried her down the stairs to safety, injuring his ankle in the process.

Unit Citation

Temporary Captain John Melanephy

Engine 6

Firefighter Gene Eden


Firefighter Frank Cercos


Firefighter/Paramedic James Ferrante


Temporary Lieutenant Kevin Hickey

Truck 6

Firefighter Steve Hart


Firefighter Jeffrey Babb


Firefighter Robert Mateik


Firefighter James Draper


Lieutenant Anthony Smerdel

Rescue Squad 2

FF Stan Lee


FF Darius Luttrop


FF Anthony Diricco


Firefighter/Paramedic Annette Hobrucker

Medic 5

Firefighter/EMT Gregory Browne


On the afternoon of February 12, 2004, Engine 6, Truck 6, Rescue Squad 2 and Medic 5 responded to Church and Duboce Streets to find a woman trapped beneath a MUNI streetcar. The victim was in great pain and entirely hidden from view. The members of Station 6 and Rescue 2 worked together to lift the streetcar off the victim. As it was being raised, the Medic 5 team moved under the car to assist the victim. The patient was C-spined, extricated and placed in the ambulance within 19 minutes of the initial call.

Letter of Commendation

Lieutenant John Hanley

Truck 6

On the afternoon of July 4, 2003, members of Station 6 and Battalion 2 were called to 4911 16th Street to deal with a person threatening to jump from the fourth floor fire escape. As the firefighters positioned themselves to assist with the situation, Lt. Hanley climbed to the fire escape, grabbed the potential jumper and held him until joined by other crew members.

Letter of Commendation

Firefighter Daniel Garibaldi

Engine 42

On the afternoon of August 16, 2003, while vacationing at Lake Berryessa, FF Garibaldi responded to assist people who had found one of their group lying on the deck of their patio boat unconscious and not breathing. FF Garibaldi assessed the victim's condition and began CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation until relieved by the Napa County Fire and Medical personnel.

Letter of Commendation

Firefighter Ken Smith

Engine 5

Firefighter Glenn Kircher

Truck 5

On December 31, 2003, several units responded to a motor vehicle accident at Pine and Baker Streets. It was learned by a private citizen that the driver of one of the cars had fled the scene. FF Smith and FF Kircher pursued the driver, apprehended him and turned him over to the police.