Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

The Map Your Neighborhood program was designed to guide you and your neighbors through simple steps to help enhance your preparedness for an emergency. These steps will help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives. It is designed to improve disaster readiness at the neighborhood level, 15-20 homes or a defined area that you can canvas in 1 hour.  Map Your Neighborhood teaches neighbors to rely on each other during the hours or days before fire, medical, police or utility responders arrive. NERT is leading the adapted Map Your Neighborhood program in San Francisco. 

Map Your Neighborhood was developed and copyrighted by LuAn K. Johnson, PhD (2009), and is used with permission from Washington State Emergency Management Public Education Program.

Washington Emergency Management is replacing the Map Your Neighborhood program with "Be 2 Weeks Ready." San Francisco NERTs will continue to use the Map Your Neighborhood program for the time being.

How to get involved

Step 1: Attend Map Your Neighborhood 1 
2.5-hour training about the program and how volunteer on your block.

Step 2: Attend Map Your Neighborhood 2
2.5-hour review of the Map Your Neighborhood program with other residents on your block that you have invited.

Step 3*: Lead Map Your Neighborhood 3
Conduct the Map Your Neighborhood training on your block with your neighbors. Someone from NERT will be able to assist you with this training.

*If you are already part of a neighborhood watch group or are ready to have the class on your block, you are not required to attend Map Your Neighborhood 1 or 2. NERT can assist you with Map Your Neighborhood 3.

Send an email to with MYN in the subject line to get more information or to sign up. The schedule is posted on the Training Calendar page.