#SFFDsafe Videos

General Video

SFFD 2020 Pride Celebration
SFFD Tribute to SF COVID 19
SFFD Outreach During COVID 19
Tribute to 125 Years of Ambulance Service in San Francisco
First Responder Video
Community Outreach Preschool Questions for SFFD from Grattan Preschool
San Francisco Fire Department Year in Review 2018
SFFD K9 Search Specialist Team Info
Fire Reserves
San Francisco Fire Department Saves Lives with Social Media
Jeremiah O'Brien Move
National Anthem by SFFD ADC ARTESEROS
CHP and SFFD Rescue Hangglider from Wreckage
SS Jeremiah O'Brien and the Pier 45 Fire
2021 Fireworks Message from SFFD
Coyote Safety from SFFD
SFFD Fireboat Station No.35 Ribbon Cutting
SFFD Fire Reserves
Emergency Response and Shared Spaces
How firefighters' life-saving work puts them at a higher risk of cancer
Stand Pipes
Traffic And Safety Tips For Bicyclists
Central Subway Transit Drill 2022
CJAC "Partnership for Success Award"

COVID 19 Safety Videos

We are not a virus
Wearing Face Mask
Washing Hands
Social Distancing PSA
Inspector Darrell Stone on Cleaning Disinfectant Use
Cleaning Disinfectant [Cantonese]
Hand Sanitizer Tips
Sanitizer [Cantonese]
Face Mask Use [Japanese]
Face Mask [Spanish]
Face Mask [Cantonese]
COVID 19 Safety from Los Bomberos San Francisco [Spanish]
We are here for you, so please be here for us and our families. STAY HOME. STAY HEALTHY. SAVE LIVES

Mental Health

Chief Nicholson speaks on Mental Health Awareness
Chief Nicholson on Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Safety [Cantonese]


Captain Erica Arteseros on SFFD NERT "Be Prepared"
NERT Disaster Training [Cantonese]

Fire And Life Safety

Exit Drill Tips
Exit Drill [Spanish]
Exit Drill [Cantonese]
Deputy Chief Wyrsch on Wildfire Safety
Wildland Fires Safety
Wildfire [Cantonese]
ADC Chief Cochrane on Earthquake Safety
Earthquake [Spanish]
Earthquake Safety [Cantonese]
Pet Safety Reminder
Pet Safety [Cantonese]
Cooking Safety
Cooking Safety Video
Cooking Fire Safety [Cantonese]
Help Prevent Electrical Fires
Prevent Elect Fire [Spanish]
Electrical Fire [Cantonese]
Electrical Safety at Work [Cantonese]
Electrical Hazards at Work
Children Fire Safety [Cantonese]
Child Safety Tips
Multi agency Press Conference and Mock Rescue to kick off Summer with Surf Warnings and Beach Safety
Beach Rescue PSA
Cliff Rescue PSA
Rock Rescue PSA
SFFD Bay Rescue Safety Film
SFFD Public Coastal Safety Message
San Francisco Coastal Safety Message
SFFD Fire Prevention Week 2021
Rip Current Safety
Lithium-ion Battery Safety PSA

Medical Safety

Avoid Heat Related Illness
Heatwave [Cantonese]
Heat Related [Spanish]
Stop The Bleed
Stop The Bleed [Cantonese]
Hands Only CPR
Stop The Bleed [Spanish]
CPR [Cantonese]
AHA Hands Only CPR [Mandarin]


EMS Week 2021
Pulse Point Application

Community Paramedicine

Street Crises Response Team
San Francisco Fire & Public Health Department Joint Street Crisis Response Team
Street Overdose Response Team

Helping Us Help You

Please, pull to the Right for the Red Lights.
Pull Over for the Lights and Sirens SFFD
Don't Cross into a Fire Scene Walk, Bike, Run, or Car
Help us help you, please, pull to the right for the red lights
Do Not Drive Over Fire Hoses
Pull to the Right Safety PSA