About Fire Prevention & Investigation Division

The Bureau of Fire Investigation is responsible for investigating the origin and cause of all fire incidents and explosions to which they are assigned. Investigators prepare detailed fire investigation reports and NFIRS (National Incident Fire Investigation Reporting System) for these incidents. Investigators are responsible for the collection of evidence and for providing testimony in court when subpoenaed. BFI members work cooperatively with the San Francisco Police Department and the District Attorney to make up the Arson Task Force.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for enforcing local and state building fire codes through building inspection and plan review in order to reduce the hazard of fire in the City and County of San Francisco. Duties of the Bureau include plan review and inspection of new construction and remodels of occupancies regulated by the California Stat Fire Marshal, annual inspections of high-rises, residential buildings, and schools as mandated by the State Fire Marshal, complaint inspections, and referral inspections from other City agencies. Also included in the BFP is the Port Fire Marshal and the Airport Fire Prevention section.

The BFP provides public education presentations regarding fire safety for SRO occupancies (residential hotels), and senior citizens through the Senior Home Safety Program (grant funded), when available.