Darius Luttropp

Deputy Chief of Operations

Darius Luttropp joined the San Francisco Fire Department in 1998. His previous work experience was in emergency medical services working in both ambulances and hospitals. Chief Luttropp served as a firefighter at Rescue Squad 2 providing fire suppression and technical rescue responses. While a firefighter he was a part of the Department’s technical rescue training cadre. After promoting to Lieutenant, Chief Luttropp was a member of Rescue Squad 2. He worked as the Captain of Engine, Truck and Rescue Companies with his last assignment as Captain in the Sunset at Engine 18.

Chief Luttropp was proud to serve as the Captain of In Service Training where he oversaw the introduction of a live fire training program. After training, Chief Luttropp worked as a Battalion Chief in the Bayview, SOMA, and Mission Districts of the City. Prior to selection as Deputy Chief of Operations, Darius was the Assistant Deputy Chief of Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond Project Management. His largest project was the development of the Department’s new Fire Training Facility.