Garreth Miller

Assistant Deputy Chief, Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response

Garreth Miller leads the team that manages bond financed construction projects including the development of a new Division of Training. 

Chief Miller started his career on a Basic Life Support ambulance and as a volunteer firefighter. In 1996 he became a professional firefighter with the City of Stockton and later obtained his paramedic license. He joined the San Francisco Fire Department in 2000. His most recent fire suppression position was at Battalion 3, in the South of Market Area. In addition to being a firefighter and paramedic, Chief Miller has been the rescuer and leader of rope rescues on the Cliffs of Lands End and water rescues in the ocean and bay. He has deployed to mutual aid fires throughout the state and is Helicopter Rescue Technician trained. Chief Miller is an Urban Search and Rescue canine handler. He and his canine partner are members of California Task Force 3, one of the 28 Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue Teams.   

Chief Miller enjoys time in the mountains, rock climbing and mountain biking with his wife and two sons.