Printing Requirements for Posted Information Signs (Building Owners)

PDF iconCA BUILDING CODE - SECTION 11B-703.5 (Accessibility).pdf 


Visual characters shall comply with 11B-703.5.

Characters and their background shall have a non-glare finish.  Characters shall contrast with their background with either light characters on a dark background or dark characters on a light background.

Characters shall be uppercase or lowercase or a combination of both.

Characters shall be conventional in form.  Characters shall not be italic, oblique, script, highly decorative, or of other unusual forms.

Character height shall be a minimum of 5/8" (16mm) tall.

See attached PDF for character proportions, spacing and line spacing.

Signs shall be mounted between 40 and 72 inches above the adjacent floor.

Stroke thickness of the uppercase letter "I" shall be 10 percent minimum and 20 percent maximum of the height of the character.

Text shall be in a horizontal format.