Sample Posted Disclosure Information (Building Owners)


IMPORTANT!!!  Posted Sign Content Information

Posted sign shall include the following information:

  1. a depiction of the actual floor layout for the associated floor where the safety information sign is posted;
  2. identifiy the location of all fire extinguishers, emergency exits, fire escapes, fire alarm initiating pull stations and fire alarm control panel (if the building is required to have a fire alarm);
  3. phone number of the appropriate contact within the San Francisco Fire Department for reporting suspected violations (Fire Prevention Violation Hotline 415-558-3300).
  4. provide wording immediately under the floor plan drawing stating” EXITS SHALL REMAIN UNOBSTRUCTED AT ALL TIMES”
  5. a solid header with the text “SAFETY INFORMATION” in contrasting uppercase letters no less than 3/4" in height

All text shall comply with San Francisco Building Code Section 11B – 703.5, including minimum 5/8” font for text unless indicated otherwise.

Different contrasting colored symbols indicating the fire extinguishers, emergency exits, fire alarm and fire escapes (if applicable) are recommended, but not required.

Black and white signs will be acceptable, provided the symbols on the finished signs are easily distinguishable, and are designated with an appropriate text notation.

Symbols used shall be easily distinguishable from each other on floor plan or designate the meaning of each symbol using a “key” on the posted information sign.

Floor plan key labels shall be a minimum of 3/16” high in upper and lower case text.  Symbols in the plan key shall also have a width, height, or diameter of at least 3/16””.

Signs shall comply with standards for informational and directional signs in the California Building Code regarding non-glare surfaces, high contrast between text and symbols and background, and non-decorative type styles.

Signs shall be mounted between 40”-70“ above the adjacent finished floor.

Signs shall have a background of white, off-white, or warm white with black or dark gray (minimum 75% contrast) text.  Floor plan and corridors shall be outlined with a black stroke a minimum of 1/16” width.

Corridors on floor plan shall be a minimum of ½” wide.  Exit doors along the exit route shall be represented in the direction of opening.  All exits to the exterior shall be marked with the word “Exit” in uppercase characters a minimum of 3/16” high.

Signs shall be installed in a correct orientation as viewed from occupants’ perspective.

Applies to all buildings with 3 or more dwelling units.

Building owner shall have the required Posted Disclosure Information posted in a common area on each floor frequented by residents.

Posted Disclosure Information shall be updated as necessary every year thereafter on or before January 31st of each year.

Posted Information shall be posted in compliance with the applicable Accessibility Building Codes.

Posting Compliance Date = March 10, 2017