Statement of Compliance Form (Building Owners)

STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE FORM (Nov 2018).pdf   (Form updated 11/09/18) 


This form is required from building owners of Apartment Houses with 3 or more units that have a fire alarm installed in their building.

Building owners shall file the fire alarm system Statement of Compliance Form by the date listed below, depending on the number of units in the building, and every other year thereafter.

If the Apartment House building does not have a fire alarm system installed, the building owner shall submit a letter to the San Francisco Fire Department by the date listed below, advising the Fire Marshal of the fire alarm status of the building.  This will help avoid any unintended violations of the Fire Code.  For guidance, see sample letter:



For buildings with a fire alarm system installed, the fire alarm system is required to be tested and inspected by a California licensed technician.

To verify a contractor's license, please visit the CA.GOV Contractors State License Board website.

The building owner shall place, or shall have the servicing personnel place, a sticker on the exterior of the fire alarm control panel cover that includes the company name, phone number, and the date of the last inspection or testing.

Building owner shall have the Statement of Compliance Form posted in a common area on each floor or they shall provide copy of the form to each tenant.  The form must be posted no later than 60 days from date of filing.

The Statement of Compliance Form shall be posted on the SFFD website within 60 days of receipt from the building owner or representative.


Filing and Posting Compliance Dates = January 31, 2017 (for Apartment Houses with 9 or more units) - and by January 31st of each ODD-numbered year thereafter

Filing and Posting Compliance Dates = January 31, 2018 (for Apartment Houses with 3-8 units) - and by January 31st of each EVEN-numbered year thereafter