Treasure Island Training Facility (TITF)

SFFD Division of Training and Treasure Island Training Facility is one of only four training sites in Northern California certified to host State Fire Training Rescue Systems I, Rescue Systems II, and Confined Space Rescue Technician.  The site is also equipped with capabilities to teach certified Firefighter Survival and Rapid Intervention Crew Operations classes.

A propane burn room is available at TITF for annual live burn requirements, battalion based drills and return to work training.  In the burn room building, there are multiple ventilation props to simulate various roof types seen across the city of San Francisco.

This facility has recently seen major efforts and upgrades to simulate very realistic, San Francisco construction and features of emergency response in the city.  Among those upgrades includes a simulated BART station which can be used to mimic emergency response to any of the 107 miles of tracks between the 45 BART stations Bay Area-wide.

There are various props for HazMat training which includes a liquid/gas train car, a valve and piping assemblies and various other specialty props.

This site is not only used for training SFFD crews, but has been used by agencies from all over Northern California looking for a challenging and realistic training opportunity.

TTIF - image of the onsite burn room facility