SF Firefighters Safety Education Program

The San Francisco Firefighters in Safety Education (SFFISE) program  was launched in 2001 when firefighter Aisha Krieger(Draper) contacted the Alysa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF) for assistance creating a standardized fire safety and burn prevention presentation. Since then the SFFISE program has reached 5k-13k K-6 graders each year.

The program is continuously developed, updated, and revised by the AARBF to stay current with National Fire Prevention Association standards and the California education code. Curriculum specialists review the program for readability and children are given pre and post tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation.

There are two presentations, each about 30 minutes long. The presentations are separated into Kindergarten to 3rd grade level, and 4th to 6th grade level. Each program is presented in a way that will be best received for the age group. The seven key points of the presentation are:

-Crawl low and go

-Smoke alarms

-Stop, drop, and roll

-Cool a burn

-Tools vs Toys (don’t play with matches) -How to dial 911 -High five a firefighter

The 4th through 6th grade curriculum covers these seven key points and adds in a sense of personal responsibility, how to develop a home escape plan, and the consequences of burns when playing with fire.

A volunteer from the fire department will present a 30 minute interactive presentations, followed by a brief Q&A, and then the children will be given the opportunity to see a fire engine and crew from their local fire station (permitting the crew isn’t called out).

Today, over _______ students from both public and private schools in San Francisco have been educated in fire safety, and the numbers continue to increase.  

Need to include virtual/remote learning option

Update with form and contact information-For more information click here or visit Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (www.aarbf.org) to register for this program.