H-3 Level 1 EMT

  • The H-3 Level 1 EMT works in the EMS Division (Station 49) of the SFFD. 
  • They work on dynamically deployed Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances with a H-3 Level 2 Paramedic.
  • EMT shifts can be 10, 12 and 13 hour shifts.
  • H-3 Level 1 EMT is NOT an entry level position, as 500 hours of previous EMT experience is required.
  • H-3 Level 1 EMT is required to successfully complete an 8 week EMS academy, including written and manipulative examinations

The minimum qualifications for the H-3 Level 1 EMT position are:

The salary range for the H-3 Level 1 EMT position is between $85,046 - 157,638.

For the current classification information, please visit the DHR job classification for H-3 EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter.